Israel – A First For McDonald’s Corp.


    Israel – McDonald under pressure from some rabbis, two branches of the fast food firm McDonald’s have changed the color of their trademark signs to assure diners that their burgers and fries are kosher.
    The golden arches at the two branches have new blue backgrounds, replacing the trademark red ones. The new signs also display the word “kosher”.
    Only 12 branches are considered strictly kosher, where the menu does not include dairy products and the food is prepared to meet religious standards. Those 12 outlets are closed on Shabbas and holidays.

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    1. Michael Kramer, a religious diner relishing a burger at one of the two Tel Aviv branches, welcomed the changes. “I can see from far away whether it is a kosher one,” he said.

      But Roi Gerstein was unmoved. “I do not like this change because I am used to the red sign,” he said, adding that kosher burgers without cheese were “just not tasty”.


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