Borough Park, Brooklyn – +Motor Vehicle Accident+


    Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY – +Motor Vehicle Accident+ A mva at 52nd Street and Twentieth Avenue, Hatzolah on the scene.

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    1. I think that our so-called frum boys have been watching too much and have been on the internet and involved in stuff much more than we would like, and much more than we thought. There is a major, underlining problem here. Aidel chassidishe boys are not supposed to flair up, and i mean that literally, bec. of a small arrest. The fact that within minutes of the policeman being on the avenue, there was slashing of tires, looting of police radioes, and bullying and calling names, is symbolic of the fact that the boys have been waiting for action, and were prepared for it. Now, what would nice, frum, heimishe boys be doing all day? you might assume, learning. well, they are obviously not. Not to say that boys will be boys and they love action, but their actions are one for blacks in crown heights, or even arabs in israel, not our pride and joy of our community. Can you explain why state troopers had to be called onto 16th Ave, spraying mace, shooting their guns in the air and threatening to shoot people if they don’t disperse? I say our boys have a lot to work on themselves if they hope to get married. I am not at all defending New York’s finest. They acted in a despicable manner, and have degraded themselves in the eyes of NY citizens. HOWEVER, they are goyim, whereas we are Hashem’s chosen nation. Is this the way to behave? Is this the way we make a kiddush Hashem? Will Mashiach feel like coming in such a society as selfish and low as ours? At this time, more then ever, our Rabbanim, if they may be even called that, should unite as one, and confront the problems in our community, and with an iron fist, smooth out the sicknesses that have come upon us.


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