Manhattan, NY +Fire Old Con-Ed Building+


    Manhattan, NY +Fire Old Con-Ed Building+ at the area of the 17th Pct. at East 39th Street and 1st Avenue, with some reports of smoke from the roof.

    U/D: 16:21
    FD on the scene with a fire in the shaft and smoke issuing thru from the chimney of the old 12 story Con-Ed plant thats under demolition, fire is DWH, and asking all units to use caution due to open shafts in the bldg.

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    1. you jumped the gun on this one, so far no helicopter down and no fire, just one whole big confusion

      this is what might of happend there is a fire in the area with some smoke and the heliport is in the same area someone confused the 2

      we can all go back to sleep now

    2. this is funny they have aviation check “1st ave & 39 st” in all boros


      but so far no helicopter

      well maybe it was a “hit and fly”

    3. believe it or not there are rumors now that the “un building” is on fire

      talk about a story getting a long black beard


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