Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY +MVA+


    Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY +MVA+ A motor vehicle accident on Marcy Avenue and Lorimer Street, Hatzolah to respond. Requesting NYPD.

    U/D: 08:04
    Hatzolah on the scene requesting backup units with the ambulance.

    U/D: 08:17
    PD requesting additional unit to block traffic Lee Avenue to Lorimer Street.

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    1. it was property damage only

      there is a time for everything, and when you have “white beard” already it is time to retire driving

    2. ok ok ok you are both right and i am wrong, continue driving until you are 120, and may god help your beard should stay black, but here is some advice

      instead of waiting for the air bag to deploy, put yourself in a tube before starting the engine

      BTW:to those who didn’t realize the reason for my comment was to get you guys talking, that mission was accomplished successfully

    3. Lipa; making fun of old people is rude, and by the way one day you will become old as well and you will look like David Werdiger (if you are old enough to even know who that is)


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