Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY +Hatzolah MVA Saturday Night+


    Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY – Hatzolah ambulance B06 got involved in a serious accident Saturday night on 52nd Street and 17th Avenue, with the driver of the other vehicle pinned in the vihicle and into a pole.

    NYPD of the 66th Pct and ESU Trk-6 cut the vehicle and extricated the driver from the vehicle and was taken to local hospital, Hatzolah member was also injured.

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    1. anon 9:12,
      Please rephrase the first question. It sounds ridiculous even after I translate it into yiddish in my head (like I do with all the language spoken on this board).

    2. Has everyone here lost their brains???
      Hatzolah was not responding to an MVA they were involved in an MVA while responding to another call.


      Regardless, I believe that this is the 4th Hatzoloh of BP ambulance to be involved in an mva this year. Maybe its time the coordinators wake up and do something about it. Of course, the BP Coordinators are worthless.

    3. +DI bist nisht kein grosse chcochom,+

      I never claimed differently! In fact that’s my name!

      +why would hatzolah respond on Yom Tov to a motor vehicle accident?+

      Where in this article have you seen this assertion? To me it sounds that Hatzoloh was responding to, perhaps your father, who had chest pain, & got involved in +MVA+!

      +A very legitimate question.+

      Objection Your Honor!

    4. hataloh has max insurance coverage on all there buses(=ambulances)and retire* older vechicles when not cost affective to keep
      *are either donated or sold at discount to other new startup hatzolos in other cities baltimore/passaic nj etc

    5. hatzolah in BP are known to drive very wild and danger!

      I saw their bus many times going down narrow roads like crazy, when the call was a trauma in a doctor’s office, with two members already on scene. You could have thought it was a heart attack!

      Hey! Even Hatzolah should not abuse the system!

      Lights and siren ONLY when warrented (i.e. life or limb in danger.), otherwise it won’t be good!

    6. this hatzolah member was on call and came to the corner at a green light without looking the other car went passed a red light that is how this accident hapened

      so dont start saying that the hatzolah members are not careful

    7. hatolah members, most of them drive like a bunch of idiots.

      I had an ambulance almost plow right into me. I had a green light and di not hear their sirens. My radio was on and I had a green light but the idiot hatolah meber of Boro park assumed that everyone hears them all the time and instead of slowing down at the intersections regardless of the light color they floor it.

      Until a hatzolah meber kills someone go forbid nothing will change.

      I am blasting their driving habits and not the work they do for the klal.



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