Kiryas Tosh, Montrela, Canada +Early Yom Tov Morning Fire in Multiple Dwelling+


    Kiryas Tosh, Montrela, Canada – A major fire broke out at a multiple dwelling at 350 Beth Halive in the early hours of Shabbas/Yom Tov morning while 72 people were sleeping in the building.

    Fire Department and Hatzolah did a great job with getting out everyone alive and well, the entire house with everything in it went up in flames.

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    1. the fire dept did an awful job with this fire. i was one of the first one on the scene . The fire started on the roof i think and it took approx. 35-40 MINUTES for the fire dept to show up. it was awful because the whole house was engulfed in no time. the problem also lies in the fact that there were some little fires started recently in garbage cans and such and maybe they thought that is was another one like that. anyway, it took 15 min for them to hook up the hoses for spraying. Everybody was waiting for them to start spraying, but they took forever. we have to be thankful though that all were saved boruch hasem! also, the lesson here is to install smoke detectors and to follow the laws of the land. the person who owns this house did everything illegal and had countless violations on the house.


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