Arkansas – Jewish Organizations Offended by Comments made by Governor Huckabee


    Arkansas – The National Jewish Democratic Council said that governor Mike Huckabee, a likely contender for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, ought to think about the people he offend when he makes his insensitive comments.

    At issue is an interview the governor gave on a national media form, where he was joking that he lost weight at a concentration camp.
    Governor Huckabee bantered on a national radio talk show about his weight loss; Huckabee, a Republican, has advertised his diet as a health model for obese Americans. “I have just come from six weeks at a concentration camp held by the Democrat party of Arkansas in an undisclosed location, making a hostage tape,” Hucakbee said. “That’s why I look that way.”.

    Jewish Democrats slammed the Arkansas’ governor for this joking commentsn and said that at the very least, he owes all of us an apology and explanation for his tasteless words.

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    1. Are any of you old enough to remember Nixons rabidly anti-semetic statements on his tapes? Remember Reagan going to the Bittenberg cemetery to lays a wreath at the SS gaves? The Republicans have more than their share of anti-semites. This country hick was just unaware of the impact of his remarks, but Nixon’s true feelings were on his tapes,and the “great communicator” Reagan should have known what the SS was.

    2. To anonymous 4:18 Remember Hillary kissing Mrs. Arafat after Mrs. Arafat had just stated that Israeis poison Palastinian children?Or the fact that all Democrats are against school-vouchers?Or Bill Clintons behavior in the White House?By the way Nixon over-ruled Kissinger in 1973 authorizing the largest post WW2 airlift at a time when Israel ran out of bullets.(Lev melachim byad Hashem)


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