Brooklyn, NY – Construction Worker Arrested After Beating Up Boss


    Brooklyn, NY – A construction worker was arrested for beating up his boss at an East New York work site.

    James Bradley, 21, was charged with assaulting his 51-year-old boss after their argument escalated into violence.
    Bradley and five cohorts attacked their boss on a job site on Cleveland Street near Hegeman Avenue. The angry workers punched him in the face, tossed him on the floor and jumped on his ribs and hand. Bradley then took a piece of wood and beat him with it.
    After that they tied him up and roughing him up with a hose, Bradley ordered his buddies to let him go when he saw him turning blue.

    The victim managed to make it into a nearby train station where he reported the assault to two transit cops before being taken to Brookdale Hospital, where he was treated for a broken left knee, broken rib and facial swelling.
    It was not immediately known if charges would be leveled at the other attackers.

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