Cherry Hill, NJ – Man Convicted of Having His Wife Killed Wants a Third Trial


    Cherry Hill, NJ – A man convicted of having his wife killed wants a third jury to consider his case.
    Fred Neulander says it was unfair that his lawyers in his 2002 murder trial were not allowed to delve more deeply into how the hit man he was convicted of hiring was once a suspect in a second murder.

    Neulander’s public defender will make that and other arguments Monday before a state appellate court in Trenton. It will be the first court appearance for Neulander since January 2003, when he was sentenced to life in prison for murder.
    He was convicted by a jury in 2002, one year after an earlier jury deadlocked on the case.

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    1. He’s actually a reform rabbi, not conservative. He didn’t thow his wife from a plane, but hired a hit man to kill her, so he could carry on an affair with some other woman. Shameful.

      Hopefully, this rasha dies in jail as punishment for the gigantic chillul Hashem he caused. This case was bizarre enough to make the papers and TV, not just in the Philly area but nationwide, and the non-Jews reading/hearing those stories were probably not even aware that reform rabbis who disregard G-d’s halacha aren’t really rabbis the way ortho rabbis are; after all, do WE know all of the intricacies and nuances of other people’s religions? Probably not, so why should they?

      To these unschooled readers/viewers, the story in a nutshell was: RABBI HAS WIFE KILLED SO HE COULD HAVE AFFAIR.



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