Melbourne ,Australia – Police Officer Involved in Attack on Man on Simchas Torah


    Melbourne ,Australia – Police have launched an internal affairs investigation after learning an officer was at the centre of a vicious, racially motivated bashing of an Orthodox Jew on Simchas Torah as was reported on VOS IZ NEIAS.

    A spokesman said the Ethical Standards Department had launched the investigation after learning the officer was with a group who bashed Menachem Vorchheimer in Caulfield last Saturday as he was walking near his synagogue.
    Mr Vorchheimer, who was given a black eye in the attack as he tried to protect two children aged six and three, said he was racially abused. He said the perps yelled “Go the Nazis”, and they also stole his hat, and punched him as passers-by attempted to help.
    “This is Melbourne. This shouldn’t happen. They stole my religious items, which are very important to me. It was in front of my children,” he said.

    Mr Vorchheimer said he approached their bus driver, an off-duty police officer, to ask where they were from. “The driver never assaulted me or yelled any abuse but he wouldn’t tell me where they were from. I would have thought an officer of the law had a duty to behave in a more ethical manner,” Mr Vorchheimer.
    Internal affairs have launched parallel investigations into the assault after learning the bus driver was an officer.

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    1. First it was the muslims in our country who lost the right to walk down the street without being harrased or assulted. Then the Siekh comminity was attacked. Now the Jews have joined them in the long list of minority groups who no can no longer feel safe while going about their dayly buisiness. It is time for Australian community to stand together against the bigots of this country, even thought they are probebly the majority.

    2. The Australians did stand together. have you already forgotten Cronulla riots? as a result we now have young muslims who have joined the Cronulla lifesaving club, we have motorcycle gangs negotiating with muslim gangs, we have seen the government of NSW crack down on thugs and not to mention the NSW police. Tell me when the siekh community was attacked? i know of 2 seikh taxi drivers and i also know of white anglo taxi drivers who were attacked in the same week.
      The jewish community is definately a problem because no serious attempts are made to fully assimilate. The muslims in Australia put their hand out and the jews refused negotiation. Most Australians dont have a problem with jews and thats a fact. “Vorchie” as he is reffered to, has now created a problem. Originally the word on the street was that the people wanted to see the busload of hooligans severely punished. Now as the REAL version of the story comes out, we find that most people are no longer interested in the jewish perspective of this story and support has been lost.This is a saddening outcome. We all know that “Vorchie” is a confirmed agitator. Most people love the jews in Australia but they dont like people who are un Australian.
      the driver of the bus was an off duty police officer but the reality
      is that he stopped the bus immediately he knew that someone on the bus had done the wrong thing. Now he stands accused? now hes under investigation? Vorchies cause is going to slowly lose support and momentum and as i have previously stated in this forum, people will start to dislike the jews.

    3. TWO men accused of an alleged antisemitic attack on an Orthodox Jew earlier this month have confessed their part in the incident, the AJN has learned.

      The men, who are both players with Ocean Grove Football Club, last week told club officials they participated in the attack on Menachem Vorchheimer after an end-of-season trip to Caulfield Racecourse on October 14.

      According to club president Michael Vines, one of the men, who was one of 20 passengers on a hired minibus, told officials he shouted antisemitic abuse, including “F**king Jews” and “Go the Nazis”, at Vorchheimer, 33, as he walked to Yeshivah synagogue with two of his children for Simchat Torah festivities.

      The other man admitted to leaning out the bus window and grabbing Vorchheimer’s hat and kippa after he had approached the bus at the corner of Balaclava Road and Hotham Street to ask the driver about the identity of the passengers.

      Vines told the AJN that two other players, who physically restrained Vorchheimer, had also been identified in the course of the club’s investigation. The matter is also the subject of an extensive police investigation involving up to 100 people, including more than 50 witnesses.

      But a third man, who allegedly struck Vorchheimer across the eye, is yet to be identified.

      Vines, who has apologised to Vorchheimer on behalf of the club, said he was disappointed that a meeting of players and club officials last Friday night failed to identify the perpetrator of the alleged assault, despite there being a short-list of “six possible suspects”.

      “At the end of the day, we would much rather he came forward of his own accord,” Vines said.

      He added that the first two players’ confessions would be taken into account when the club determines what disciplinary action it will take. The AJN also understands that one of the players has prepared a written apology to Vorchheimer, which will be delivered at the conclusion of the police investigation.

      Police are also conducting an internal investigation into the involvement of the bus driver, who police confirmed last week to be an off-duty officer.

      Last week, a planned trip by around eight members of the football club to the Jewish Holocaust Museum and Research Centre was postponed after police feared it could hamper their investigation.

      Holocaust Centre acting director Bernard Korbman said he would have preferred the whole team visits the centre.

      “I don’t want to know who the perpetrators were … this is meant to be an educational exercise, not a punitive one.”

      Last week, leaders from Victoria’s Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities issued a statement condemning the attack.

      The statement, which was jointly authored by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, the Victorian Council of Churches and the Islamic Council of Victoria, said the incident threatened Australia’s reputation as a tolerant, diverse society.

      “An attack like this is an assault on every Australian and besmirches that hard-won reputation,” it stated.

      The statement also called for greater player education, a call echoed by AFL chief Andrew Demetriou last Friday.

      The incident is the fifth physical assault on a Victorian Jew this year. More than 140 incidents – a national record – were reported in July, at the height of Israel’s war with Hezbollah. There has never been a conviction for an antisemitic incident in Victoria.

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