New York, NY – New Restrictions on Teenage Smoking Are Opposed by the Mayor and by Council Member Simcha Felder


    New York, NY – Mayor Bloomberg, who won a reputation as an anti-tobacco activist, is now vowing to veto two anti-teen-smoking proposals that are before the City Council.

    City Council members expressed surprise at the mayor’s position. “I’m speechless. I am speechless,” said Council Member James Gennaro, a Queens Democrat who is the sponsor of a bill to increase the minimum legal age to buy cigarettes in the city to 19 from 18. Mr. Gennaro pronounced himself “flabbergasted.”
    A second proposal, sponsored by the Democratic leader, Joel Rivera, would go further, banning the sale of cigarettes to anyone younger than 21.

    Mr. Bloomberg and his health advisers say similar restrictions on cigarette sales to teenagers in places like Nassau and Suffolk counties haven’t proved effective.
    An assistant health commissioner for tobacco control, Sarah Perl, said increasing the minimum age would increase cigarettes’ “forbidden fruit” appeal, which she said tobacco-industry documents suggest could make smoking more alluring to young people. “Sending the message that ‘smoking is an adult choice’ may paradoxically play into the hands of the tobacco industry and attract more children to tobacco,” Ms. Perl said.

    The only council member during the bulk of the hearing who also questioned the wisdom of the bans was Simcha Felder of Brooklyn. “It’s not popular to say anything against a bill that would be prohibiting smoking,” Mr. Felder said, adding, “Take a census, certainly from the 18-, 19-, 20-, 21-year olds, and they’ll say to you, ‘if we can go out to war and potentially be killed we should have the right to buy a pack of cigarettes.'”

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    1. Felder,

      Being that you are a publicly elected official, anything I am about to say cannot be considered loshon hora.

      YOU continue to amaze me. YOu are amongst the most ineffective and phoney baloney frum politicians to come along.

      Here is a listing of your accomplishments:

      a)RIdding alternate side on Purim.
      Woopdy doo. As if people were ticketed for it on Purim. No way.A totally useless and nonsense law initiated by you. I was never ever ever ticketed on a Purim in NYC and have been observing Purim and shalach monos delivery for many many years.

      b)Raising our property taxes over 21% several years ago. YOu voted along with the Mayor

      c)questioning the ban on smoking.
      You fool, there is a torah directive of Ushmartem es nafshoseichem. Yehsiva kids smoking is a big big problem which leads to cancer. Don’t you care about the future health of klal yisroel.

      As the typical politiican you are, you care about only one thing. Being on Bloomberg’s good side. YOu don’t care about yidden. You only care about Bloomberg and kissing his behind. YOu will do anything to get those free trips to Israel from him. You have demonstrated this time and again.
      Shame on you, for raising ourproperty taxes over 20% several years ago.

      I hope and pray that you never ever achieve any stardom in the political arena.
      I am not ashamed to say that as a poliitican, you are despicable.

    2. Once again Simcha has made a valid point and not just pandered to the voters as other elected officials do. He is a frum intellegent man first,not a publicity hound nor a real politition. He has respresented the frum community well with dignity, not once being involved in anything that reflects badly on Yiddin.

      The problem of yeshiva kids smoking should be addressed by parents and the roshei yeshivos not the NYC Council.

      When he has to leave Council due to term limits, I very much doubt that whoever takes his place will measure up to the high standard that Simcha has set in representing us.

    3. anon 1205 could not be further from the truth.

      He is not taking proper steps to preserve and conserve the health of yeshiva bochurim.

      Very very bad politician. Tell Felder to find another daytime job.

    4. As if raising the minimum age would help! A teenager who wishes to buy cigarettes will get his smokes either way.
      I know, because that’s what I did. I started smoking when I was a teenager, smoked 2 packs a day on and off for years. I tried quitting numerous times, and was never successful.
      All you smokers out there: You know its unhealthy and you’re harming yourself and those around you, yet you still smoke. You know you’re wasting money day in day out, yet you still smoke. You know you stink, yet you still smoke.

      WHY? WHY?

      Let me tell you all something: A number of years ago my wife bought me this book titled “THE EASY WAY TO STOP SMOKING” written by ALLEN CARR. I said to myself, ‘great, I’ll read another book about how I’m killing myself and all that…’. Guess what? I haven’t smoked since! The book is unbelievable, it gives smoking a whole different perspective! Check it out it can’t hurt. Buy it for yourself or for someone one you know.

      Shabbat Shalom!

    5. if the gedolei rosh yeshiva prohibit smoking, and if the Torah prohibits smoking, then why exactly do we need goyim police officers to prevent yeshiva bochurim from smoking?

    6. why then does simcha felder not consult roshei yeshiva before decididng that banning smoking is wrong.

      He is a skunk of a politican

      anything to get on BLoomberg’s good side. He must be looking for another free air trip to Israel on Bloomy’s private jet.

    7. If something trivial like this will score him big points with Bloomberg, the Mayor of NY and potential Presidential Candidate, then isn’t it a smart move? Go Felder!!!

    8. getting rid of alternate side on purim was not about tickets… it was about not having to worry about moving your car in the morning when you are busy listening to the megilla.


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