Tehran, Iran – Israel Will Disappear Says Iranian President


    Tehran, Iran – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called Israel’s leaders a “group of terrorists” and threatened any country that supports the Jewish state.
    “You imposed a group of terrorists … on the region,” Ahmadinejad said, addressing the U.S. and its allies. “It is in your own interest to distance yourself from these criminals… This is an ultimatum. Don’t complain tomorrow.” “Nations will take revenge,” he told a crowd of thousands.

    Ahmadinejad said Israel no longer had any reason to exist and would soon disappear. “This regime, thanks to God, has lost the reason for its existence,” he said. “Efforts to stabilize this fake (Israeli) regime, by the grace of God, have completely failed… You should believe that this regime is disappearing,” he said.

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    1. It’s time for Moshiach. Republicans aren’t the answer either–they may do more but they don’t do enough either! Daven daven daven for help from above, that is the only real answer!!

    2. …it is Ahmadinejad who is going to disappear in the near future IY’H… See Tosfos at the top of Mesechta Avoda Zara (Daf Bais amud Bais) who says that Paras (Iran) will be Chashuv in the world until close to the time of Mashiach and then they will no longer be a factor….Bim’heirah B’Yameinu!!

    3. Mr. Weiss, the mamzer will be very happy if hs “friend” from Iran wins and Isreal losses. The moron couldnt care less about his Jewish brothers only about all this negative attention he is causing himself his family and most of all Klal Yisroel as a whole.
      We need to do something to stop him and his cohorts immediately. Please email me if anybody has any ideas on what we can do as a Klal to try to quiet them and show the world especially the secular world that real torah judaism has absolutely nothing to do with these acts and just the opposite WE Torah Jews oppose these acts entirely. My email address is [email protected]
      Thank you for your time and cooperation.

    4. I’m-a-mad-jihadi (yimach shmo) is not only a vicious anti-Semite and Sonnei Hashem — he was also one of the thugs involved in the illegal 1979 takeover of the US Embassy in Iran (there are pictures of him bullying bound, blindfolded, helpless American hostages). Why this POS (you can figure out what that means) was allowed to set foot in the US so he could come to the UN and deliver his demented tirade is beyond me. This criminal should have been arrested the moment his plane touched down at JFK, his alleged diplomatic immunity be damned (is it our fault if the Iranians elect someone we should consider a criminal as their president? Anyway, he and his buddies showed NO respect for the immunity of OUR diplomats when they seized our embassy and tormented our 52 hostages for 444 days). This rasha was NEVER MADE TO PAY for his crimes, and in fact, has gone onto bigger and better things!

      It is also a shame that our country — under the influence of the liberals who controlled the government in the 1970s (like Sen. Frank Church, whose congressional investigating committee pilloried FBI and CIA operatives for tough tactics he didn’t like, and Jimmy Carter) — officially renounced assassination as a policy tool; even a right-wing president like Reagan or GWB dared not publicly endorse it, and the media would make a gigantic circus of it if it were even suggested that we whack this guy. If anyone in this world deserves to get his brains blown out, it’s this rasha I’m-a-mad-jihadi. Since we as a nation are not allowed to kill him, hopefully, one of his OWN crminal accomplices will — the way the “American” Nazi leader George Lincoln Rockwell (yimach shmo) was murdered by a jealous Party member some years ago. PRAY TO HASHEM FOR A PAINFUL AND SHAMEFUL DEATH FOR THIS RASHA!!!!

    5. Whatever pain or shame this guy has to go through will never be enough to compensate for what he did to the yidden living in that hellhole called Iran. They live in constant fear of reprisals from these infidels. These people who think they are going to war for holy reasons are not only totally unreasonable but scary as they have no morals. They have a mission to take over the world and convert us all to Islam. Heaven help us. The problem we have is that the democrates will not allow us to just go in a in one fell swoop bomb the hell out of them so they can do nothing anymore—oy how can we kill all these poor little children and the women. Idiots, they don’t care who they kill the more the merrier. Look what went on in Lebonon where they put the childrens in harms way so that they could point a finger at Israel and say, hey they are killing kids. They have no problem using the women and children as part of their obsession to take over the world. By the way, did you ever see one of the old arabs becoming a suicide bomber, it’s alway a young boy of 17-26 or so. Young and impressionable.


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