Belgium, Antwerp – Young Jews Attacked by Young Muslims


    Belgium, Antwerp – A group of Chasidic teens from Antwerp were attacked by young Muslims in northeast Belgium.

    The group of 60 13- to 15-year-olds arrived in Beringen. As they arrived at their hotel in a largely Muslim neighborhood, 10 local Muslims approached the building, throwing stones at it and shouting anti-Semitic epithets.

    Leaders of the Jewish group called police, but undeterred by the police's arrival, the youths continued throwing stones at the building, the police had to give the group a police escort to the highway on there way back to Antwerp.

    The attackers were brought to a district court and were sentenced to community service.

    Claude Marinower, a Jewish member of the Belgian Federal Parliament, announced that he "will raise the issue with the ministers of justice and the interior."

    Forum, an Antwerp-based Jewish-interest group, called for "drastic measures to guarantee the safety of all youth throughout Belgium. A failure to do so would endanger our democracy."

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