Jerusalem, Israel +Major Fire in Apartment Building, People Trapped+


    Jerusalem, Israel – A major fire on Rechov Ofira in the Sanhedria \ Ramat Eshkol area of Jerusalem.

    Numerous Hatzalah Yisroel units on the scene requesting additional units code-1 to reports of a fire in the apartment building with numerous people trapped inside.
    Hatzalah Yisroel reporting that some people are handing babies down from the porches as they are not able to evacuate the building due to the heavy smoke conditions.

    About 25 Hatzalah Yisroel members are working on the scene with two BLS ambulances and an additional ALS ambulance responded.

    U/D: 18:36
    Fire turned out to be just in the stairway blocking the exit from the building, fire department got the fire under control and there were only three with minor injuries from smoke inhalation and they were all RMA.

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