New York – Schumer: Probe Rising Gas Prices


    New York – The record high price for a gallon of gas in New York City, $3.57 set back in 2005, could be broken later this year if oil companies continue to allow their refineries break down, said Sen. Charles Schumer (D-New York) Sunday.

    “Despite record billion dollar profits, it seems the big oil companies are willing to turn a blind eye to their decrepit oil refineries,” said Schumer in a statement.

    “Instead of putting profits straight into their pockets, oil companies should be investing in their refineries so our nation’s gasoline supply stays high while prices at New York gas pumps stay low.”

    The state’s senior senator is calling for a federal investigation into why there have been no new oil refineries built in the U.S. since 1976, and why existing refineries are operating at less than 90 percent capacity. [amny]

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    1. Dear Mr. Chucky Shmucky Schumer,

      The reasons for the higher gas prices is a follows:

      You liberal elitists wont allow drilling in places where the USA has lots of oil waiting to be brought up. I am referring to places in Alaska as well as off the East Coast of the USA as well as other locations in the Gulf of Mexico. If you would allow for drilling there, there is a very good possibility that the oil prices will come down as there would be less shipping etc. This is called economics.

      Reason #2…. Oil prices are set by a group of people sitting a basement in Chicago. That would be called the “FUTURES MARKET.” They are telling the world what the price should be for oil purchased months down the line. The oil prices are not based on reality. Let’s have the oil companies start selling more based on supply and demand (that would be called the “Capitalist System” something you are not aware of) and we will then see how the prices react.

      #3… To blame a multi million dollar company for making money is totally lib! Companies are here to make money so they could pay their employees as well as to put it back into the product. This is what they do with the money. Again Shmucky, we live in a CAPITALIST country which means we are FREE to make money (legally of course) and we are free to spend it as we wish.

      I believe you are making too much money as you have nice houses all over. It is time you give the money to me so I could use it like I want. Why should you have all that money? Its not fair!

      #4, Shmucky, please tell me why gas prices in NY and NYC are among the highest in the nation? Generally the price for gas in Monsey is 40 cents a gallon MORE than it is a few miles away in Jersey. Can it be that the states, cities, towns, etc., are charging more in TAXES? In all my travels, CA, NY and the Chicago area have VERY high gas tax. If you are concerned, lets repeal the tax. Alas you wont b/c as a lib you never met a tax increase you didn’t like.

      CSS, stop complaining. If you want to do something worthwhile, see what you could do to allow drilling so we could use OUR recourses and not rely on the Arabs etc., or better yet, leave office and go into the private sector.



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