Harris, NY – Catskills Doctors To be Back At Work In Time For Summer.


    Harris, NY – Crystal Run’s managing partner Dr. Hal Teitelbaum says his doctors likely will soon return to Catskill Regional Medical Center – but how soon might depend on whether Catskill forms a partnership with Orange Regional Medical Center.

    “We certainly think that things are moving in the right direction, and we are engaged in the process that likely could result in our return this summer,” Teitelbaum said. “That is certainly the direction we are moving in. We think it would be in everyone’s interest for us to be working together.”

    In a well-publicized spat with former Catskill CEO Art Brien last May, Teitelbaum pulled his 62 doctors out of Catskill, citing concerns about the quality of care. But since then, Brien has left, and the hospital has been in negotiations with Orange Regional to form an affiliation.

    Teitelbaum said he was optimistic his doctors would be back in the early summer.

    “From our point of view, we wanted to make sure that our previous concerns would be addressed,” Teitelbaum said. “It is my understanding that Catskill and Orange have been speaking and I feel that kind of relation, if in fact it comes to fruition, could provide us with the type of assurance we need.” [record]

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