Monroe, NY – Bridge Project Over Route 17 to be Major Headache for the Coming Months


    Monroe, NY – The state is preparing to replace a bridge over one of the most heavily traveled sections of Route 17 — just as the summer slog to the Catskills gets under way.

    The $5 million project promises months of delays on and around the County Route 105 overpass, an area teeming with Monroe-Woodbury school buses, Kiryas Joel traffic and Harriman Commons shoppers.

    The project is one of several that are being revamped to finish converting the 381-mile-long highway into Interstate 86. The Route 105 bridge, like others along the future I-86, must be raised to meet the federal government's clearance standards.

    There are different accounts of how long it will take to complete the project. The DOT has told the state police 16 months, although the department posted on its Web site a completion date of November 2008 — 19 months away.

    Sgt. Werner Hein of the Monroe state police barracks says the DOT plans to limit work hours on Route 17 itself to avoid disrupting morning commuter traffic and the weekend crush.

    For example, Hein said, workers must be off the westbound side by noon on Friday and must stay off the eastbound side until noon on Monday. [Record]

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    1. Be ready for major traffic this summer.

      This project is one of several that could worsen traffic on Route 17 in Orange and Sullivan counties this summer.

      Overpasses and interchanges, such as ones over the Wallkill River and another at Brown Road near Exit 118, are being revamped.

      Remaber get out in time from the City to be with your family on Shabbas.

    2. and if you do get stuck in monroe, don’t hesitate to stay for shabbos, we all love company, especially unexpected. call hatzolah and they will direct you accordingly.

    3. Hey, Duvid. I don’t live in Monroe, I live in BP and I’m not even Satmar, let alone very Chasidish, but that was a rude answer to a very kind offer by Jews who want to help Jews. People always complain about the bad among us, why not be grateful for the good?

    4. Say what you want about Chassidim but remember two things: (1) their love for fellow Jews is unsurpassed (2) don’t judge an entire group by the idiotic actions of a small but highly visible minority.

    5. duvid, you need a very big tikun if you call youself a jew. what you said would be preferable to hear out of a secular mouth, not one who is called a jew himself. btw, why should the goyim not hate us, or have animosity toward us if our fellow brothers aren’t even ashamed to voice it themselves.
      just for the record, i live in woodbury, lived in kj for a while, and had the honor of hosting a couple with their son on the way from the mountains to monsey, a few years ago, and in the village of kj, none the less. they were from flatbush, and by the time they left, they couldn’t get over the fact that they actually had the nicest shabbos ever imaginable. they didn’t know us before that, and don’t know us since, but guess what, just comes to show, that it is the person, not the community that you are visiting that matters.

    6. I am a conservative jew , who wandered onto this site. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the kindness expressed by people who offer their home and their food to strangers… to allow them to share a shabbos meal. That sounds like a place that I would love to visit. That is a most Jewish tradition and it is wonderful to know that there are people good enough to be willing to live it. I hope someday I find myself near enough to your community to stop by and see such a place with my own eyes. How sad that there are people who can find it in themselves to attack goodness and kindness. Will it never end?


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