Mount Kisco, NY – Investigation Shifts To One Police Officer.


    Mount Kisco, NY – As we reported earlier today that one of the 3 police Officers George Bubaris a foremr NYPD officers was part of being investigated.
    It appears that the investigation is shifting now solely on this officer.

    Officer Edward Dwyer and Lt. Edward Dunnigan joined Officer George Bubaris on the night of April 28, responding to a Lexington Ave. laundromat when Perez, heavily intoxicated, made an incoherent call to 911.
    The cops reported Perez did not need police assistance, and they cleared the scene at 10:55 p.m.

    Dwyer and Dunnigan immediately answered another call nearby, but Bubaris wasn’t sent on another call until 11:39.

    That means Bubaris had more than 30 minutes when he could have driven Perez to the roadside in Bedford, where passers-by found him at 11:35. The scene is six miles from the laundromat. [wcbs]

    Mayor J. Michael Cindrich said, that the three Mount Kisco police officers under investigation should be assigned to modified duty “for their protection and the community’s.”
    He said that he told acting Police Chief Louis Terlizzi to restrict the contact the police Officers have with the public.

    The mayor emphasized. “I have no information that any Mount Kisco police officer was involved in the demise of this individual,” said Cindrich, who also is a Mamaroneck town police lieutenant.

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    1. WCBS:

      The source did not believe an officer caused the injury that killed Perez. The exact cause and nature of his death remains under investigation.

      They are investigating if the Office transported him to another location and dumped him there, with his pre-existing injuries.


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