Queens, NY – Two Men Arrested, Charged With Plotting to Kill a NYPD Officer


    Queens, NY – Two men are being charged with plotting to have a New York City police officer killed. 

    Queens District Attorney Richard Brown says the plot was hatched by a Rikers Island inmate to kill the officer who was scheduled to testify at his upcoming trial.
    A second man has been charged with participating in the conspiracy.

    Brown identified the defendants as 23-year-old Andrew Spencer of Jamaica, Queens and 23-year-old Kiyee Kye, also of Jamaica. Spencer has been at Rikers Island since August 2006.
    Brown says both men are charged with conspiracy, criminal facilitation and criminal possession of a weapon.

    Spencer was arrested on August 16, 2006, when an off-duty police officer witnessed a fight in front of his house. When the police officer attempted to intercede, Spencer allegedly punched him in the face and pointed a loaded .40-caliber semi-automatic handgun at him. 
    The police officer responded by pulling out his own weapon, identifying himself as a police officer and ordering Spencer to drop his gun. Spencer then allegedly offered money to the officer, stating, “I can’t get locked up. I’m on parole.”
    A jail informant recorded Spencer looking to pay $1,000 for a hit man, and saying that Kye would provide the weapons. 
    An undercover officer met Kye on April 26th. [CBS]

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    1. two men were arrested after allegedly plotting to murder a NYPD police officer. The suspects had apparently organized the hit after one of them had been arrested by the officer.
      Police have charged 23-year-old Andrew Spencer of the Jamaica section of Queens with conspiring to murder. A friend of Spencer’s, 23-year-old Kiyee Kye was also arrested in the plot. The two had looked to provide a hit man with an array of weapons, including an SKS 7.62 assault rifle that could shoot through any bullet-proof vest and even through metal plates.
      “We’re looking at these weapons that this individual had. He’s the one that provided a bullet-proof vest, in his residence he had the 40 caliber handgun, he’s the one that had the assault rifle, and this is heavy duty stuff,” said NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly.
      Spencer already has a record for assault and gun possession, police say.
      The officer indicated in the plot had arrested Spencer in 2006 for gun possession. It was described as a life or death struggle over a 40 caliber pistol. While in Riker’s Island prison, Spencer then apparently came up with the plot to kill the officer, but officers learned of the plot when an informant inside the prison alerted them.
      The hit man Spencer allegedly tried to hire was actually an undercover police officer.
      “The defendants the means and the intent to carry out their plan to kill the police officer,” said Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.
      Both suspects are being held without bail. Spencer faced 15 years in prison before, now he faces 25 years to life if found guilty.


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