Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY – Man Arrested After Abduction Attempt on Girl, 11


    Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY – A Borough Park man was arrested after a reported abduction attempt on an 11-year-old girl.

    Bernard Mutterperl, 19, is accused of following the girl Xochil Garcia, into her building, grabbing her on the second floor of the building and forcibly leading her back down the stairs, police said.
    The girl was able to free herself, police said, and her cries for help alerted several people who confronted the man and held him until police arrived.

    Mutterperl was charged with kidnapping, burglary, unlawful imprisonment, forcible touching and acting in a manner injurious to a child, police said.
    The girl was taken to Kings County Hospital where she was evaluated and released. [1010WINS]

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    2. Before we jump to conclusions, an arrest means nothing more than an allegation. It does NOT mean that something happened.

      Lets not hang this guy before the REAL facts come out. If it was a mishe”loony”, it’s a nebach and should NOT be publicized until he is PROVEN GUILTY.

      Why destroy him (and/or his family) prematurely??

      Chochom, einov b’roishoi!!

    3. I just spoke to a sShomrim member.

      He claims that it was a private house and it was his younger SISTER.

      This is TRUE.

      It will be all over the news networks by tomorrow

    4. How about the victim? The only comments here that mention the victim are negative.
      I hope she is doing well and is able to overcome this traumatic event.

    5. Yes, it was his sister.

      This is not the first time, he has other sisters too…..

      I’m afraid to say..but her screaming saved her mont9hs of misery.

    6. funny how everybody knows everything so well…
      you’re all a bunch of fantasy artists, tooting your foolish horns.
      i just watched the 10 oclock news on channel 9 and the girl is a PR from midwood. she is NOT the daughter of a Rebbe, not from Israel, nor Australia. She does NOT wear a zippered down shabbos robe and she is right here in NY, she was interviewed on TV today.

      so, to all of you with the FACTUAL, TRUE, VERIFIED sources of information, STOP FANTASIZING, you’re doing noone any good. there cant be too many Rebbes in Australia and someone’s daughter down there just got a possible bad rap because of your foolish, destructive and FALSE information.

    7. As far as the offender goes, someone mentioned earlier that he’s not guilty until proven so. THAT’s 100% correct, the girl looked too calm on TV to have been a victim, looked too phony, likely that her story is nothing more than a blown out of proportion case of “nothing remotely related” to the actual accusation.

      the ALLEGED offender’s name sounds like a mishelanu and given the address on TV, probably is. lets have rachmanus on him for what he’s going through, he’s probably not guilty of the crime he’s accused of.

      folks, use your heads, not your keyboards adn dont believe everything you hear or read.

    8. A few points to this story:

      The girl is an 11 year old girl who is not a jew, but still she was a victim of abuse and there is absolutely no reason to forget about the dangers lurking out there.

      The girl lives in the Midwood/flatbush section of brooklyn with her family.

      There is no proof that the suspect Bernard Mutterpell, although the name sounds like a yid’s name is a frum yid. As of 9:00 am this morning no one came foward with 750,000 dollars to post bail.

      It is reported that the suspect resides with his grandmother on 12th ave. in the borough park section of brooklyn, although phone calls made there all night were not returned and no contact has been made with family members.

      It is reported that the suspect has some type of mental illness, and in his own words to detectives -” when I see little girls, I have to get them.”

    9. Ha Ha ‘Lakewood 19 Simcha’
      this is GEVALDIG!

      shomrim has a member who’s last name is Garcia…!!

      Did you forgot that we are at the end of Iyar and SHVUOUS is coming.
      We are NOT in Adar awaiting PURIM!

    10. This story is terrible. I know him and this whole story is out of character for him. (I know him since he was little) He was always helping others with everything, was great with kids and is well liked by everyone. Perhaps this is another story of the kid lying or exaggerating what happenned.
      All we do know is he never was suspected of any such thing before, and now, he is accused of the worst of all crimes. I hope he gets a fair trial so the truth can be found out.
      It says on the Post site that this ‘wealthy’ person posted bail. UNTRUE, a concerned friend who believes in his innocence posted bail, he has no money and now is living in jail -out of work.

    11. you all are so crazy he is a yid and all you are doing is making it much more hard for the family by talking about it on the internet

      lets say your son was in a situion like this will you be talking about like its some kind of joke i dont think so so dont do it


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