Brooklyn, NY – Critics of Khalil Gibran School Unfairly Target Islam, Arabic Culture.


    Brooklyn, NY – What would someone say if a group protested a Catholic school in their area, claiming that because the young Catholics are taught to accept the overall authority of the Pope, they can’t be true Americans?

    What if someone demanded that a yeshiva close down, claiming that because a small number of Orthodox Jews still follow the extremist teachings of Rabbi Meir Kahane, there’s a “good chance” that many of the students will follow his racist doctrines?

    And what would happen if some local residents picketed a Lutheran school, claiming that because Luther’s doctrines are an integral part of German culture and nationality, and Hitler arose from this same culture, there must be some link between the two?
    Most people would correctly dismiss these arguments as those of kooks.

    However, some observers, especially those who identify themselves as conservatives, make very similar arguments about the Khalil Gibran International Academy, the Arabic-themed public school planned for Brooklyn.

    Raanan Geberer of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle writes, “I am someone who often disagrees strenuously with the Arab political agenda (although I also disagree with much of the Israeli political agenda). But that should have no bearing on the issue of the Khalil Gibran school. Those who proselytize against it, in crude terms, are the spiritual kinsmen of those whose rhetoric led to the 1920s immigration quotas, which indirectly led to the deaths of thousands of European Jews. Shame on them!” [Brooklydailyeagle.]

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    1. The point is, there is no reason or need for such a school. Are we the taxpayers to support a school for Russian culture and language, Polish culture and language of Cambodian culture and language? Let them all learn English so that they can be proper tax paying citizens. This is America where we speak English.

      The fact that those of the Arabic culture have been responsible for most of the recent violence in the world has no bearing on this issue.

    2. I’m from the Midwest and I want a Midwest theme school for my children where they can be taught Midwestern values, Midwestern culture and Midwestern pronunciation of English. Problem is my wife who is from Alabama wants a Southern theme school that will teach her language and culture.

    3. The guy doesn’t know what he is talking about.

      The difference between this and Catholic, Jewish and Lutheran schools is that the proposed Gibran academy is proposed as a publicly funded school, not a private/parochial school.

      Public money should not go for such a thing.

      Why are there no Jewish culture schools paid for with public funds ? Where are the Italian culture schools teaching Italian language for Italian-Americans ? Irish culture schools for Irish-Americans teaching their culture and Gaelic ? German culture schools for German-Americans teaching their heritage ? Polish culture schools for Polish-Americans ?

    4. why should public taxpayer money be used for anything besides teaching american values and the american english language. I don’t see public funding of Yeshivas or other Jewish Day Shools!!! I object – I refus to pay my taxes – if they are going to teach any ethnicity anything other than American Culture and values – and if they are to teach anyone elses values then I want my money to go to my Bais Yaakov – not yenem’s arab school!!!

    5. What nerve this creep has to balance his “disagreement” with Islamic anti-American, bloodlusting terrorists with his “disagreement” with Israel’s “political agenda”!!! And if his people come in to destroy us, which side do you think he’ll be on???

      The manifest destiny of Arabs and their Islam is identical: the destruction and usurpation of our lovely, kind, fair, tolerating, country and its position as defender of freedom in the world.

      Let us all take a look at dear KG International’s textbooks on history, geography, global studies: their so-called education system indoctrinates children with deliberate lies and sand-castles. (KGInternational??? Pan-Arab, you mean.) Why should the US not only tolerate but underwrite insitutional holocaust-denial, historical revisionism, and the “poor-me” cultural posturing of these finely-tuned opportunistic parasites who are sucking at the juggular vein of western culture when they’re not decapitating, massacring, or torturing innocent civilians??

      JUST SAY NO!!

    6. “Those who proselytize against it, in crude terms, are the spiritual kinsmen of those whose rhetoric led to the 1920s immigration quotas,”

      The Jews of Europe were not advocating the overthrow of those governments and the mass murder of certain populations groups in which case the restrictions would have been understandable. Without apologizing I will state the obvious. That whereas the majority of the civilized world has recognized that peace and commerce are a much better way of life than war and conquest (Case in point, Japan-USA, remember we dropped two A-bombs on them?) The Moslem world has never come into this picture. Like a 5 year old that has no degree, no education, no business, and no accomplishments, he will argue with another 5 year old, “I can beat you up!”, or “My father is stronger than your father”. All he knows is might makes right. The Arab picture of greatness has always been he who’s hands are the bloodiest and has the most victims, he is great. Mohammed included. (Go ahead put a fatwa out my head) The Arabs/ Moslems can not brag about the having the best hospitals, they can not brag about eliminating poverty, they cannot brag about scientific achievement because these were never looked up to in the moslem world. (This, despite the fact they have an almost endless supply of free money flowing out of the ground which could end their poverty, build modern facilities, etc. This was never an issue by Moslems. World conquest, might, brute strength, these are to be admired. Do I want a publicly funded school teaching these values in my backyard? No. I want emigration quotas so these ingrate people can’t come and ruin my country like they have done do EVERY OTHER COUNTRY THEY EVER MASS MIGRATED TO. If you don’t like western culture and you think that we infidels are corrupt and immoral, THAN DON”T COME HERE! Stay in your backward, illiterate, third world, S@#$ hole and don’t bring your revolution to my country that has peace and prosperity, two words that have never been taught in the Arab langauge.


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