New York, NY – NYC Mayor Agrees to Follow Virginia Law in Gun Stings


    New York, NY – New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is under federal investigation regarding “rogue sting” operations against gun dealers in five states outside his jurisdiction, has agreed to abide by Virginia law when undertaking any future operations in that state.

    “We will continue to use creative and aggressive strategies and, in Virginia, that would include contacting the Virginia State Police,” said Jason Post, a spokesman for Bloomberg, after a clash with the state’s attorney general, Robert McDonnell, over the mayor’s practice of using undercover agents to root out dealers who sell guns illegally.

    McDonnell said he was pleased that the mayor’s office “is now fully committed to contacting the Virginia State Police with public safety concerns in Virginia.” That, he said, “is the traditional and appropriate course of action.”

    The Virginia attorney general added that such cooperation will also be “the only legal course of action” after the July 1 implementation of HB 2653, a new state law that passed the House of Delegates unanimously and the state Senate by a vote of 30-10. It was later signed into law, without amendment, by Gov. Tim Kaine. [CNS]

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