Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY +Child Struck+


    Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY +Child Struck+ A motor vehicle accident with an 18-month-old child that was struck at 858 East 26th Street and Avenue “I” when the infant ran behind the gold/beige vehicle while it was backing out the driveway by an 84-year-old widow neighbor. Hatzolah responding BLS and Medics.

    U/D: 18:01
    Hatzolah transporting child to Kings County Hospital. NYPD of the 70th Pct are on the scene requesting NYPD Highway-2 A.I.S. units for the confirmed A.I. Job, aided is in traumatic arrest he is in likely condition.

    U/D: 18:48
    Child was pronounced DOA at the hospital. Chesed Shel Emes on the scene.

    U/D: 21:16
    Officials now believe that the driver of the vehicle didn’t even realize that he struck the child and therefor left the scene. [VIN]

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