Guba, Azerbaijan – Skull Fragments of 137 People Found in Mass Grave


    Guba, Azerbaijan – Skull fragments from 137 people were found so far in a mass grave in the Guba region, the head ANAS, Gahraman Aghayev, said. According to him, excavations covering over 500sq miles are in progress for construction of a stadium.
    An expert group was established.

    Initial excavations revealed bones of some 50 people and proved that the haphazardly buried people were of Azerbaijani and Jewish origin slaughtered by Armenians during the genocide of 1918.

    Full skeletons were not found and therefore it is not possible to determine the number of victims, Aghayev said, and the number of the bones will increase, he said.
    Excavations in the north-west are complete and are commencing in the south, where skull fragments of three people have already been found.

    After the research is complete a monument will be erected in memory of the victims of the genocide. [trendaz]

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    1. Armenians are Christians and Azerbajanis are Muslims. Jews and Muslims died together in this massacre which was one of the tragedies that led to the Muslim massacre of the Armenians.

      If you look at Darfur right now,and take away the Christian slant that we get from the media in the US, you will see history repeating itself yet again.

      We should learn from our history. Anytime Christians become zealous in their religion, they go after Jews and Muslims. First they try to convert us and when that fails they kill us.

      When we flee as refugees, it has been throughout history the Muslim countries who will take us in.


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