Borough Park, Brooklyn NY – Shomrim Technology To Help Track Alzheimers And Others With Health Issues.


    ונשמרתם מאוד לנפשותכם

    Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY – The Boro Park Shomrim Patrol – the renknowned civilian volunteer patrol that works closely with the Police Department to protect the safety of community residents – has developed something of a specialty in searching for lost people – from small children who innocently wander away from their parents’ care, to such aged Alzheimer’s patients who also wander off from their caregivers. Sometimes, the wanderers are neither small children nor elderly people, but teenagers, young or middle-aged adults afflicted with other conditions, such as Down’s syndrome or sever autism which likewise leave them unable to figure out how to get back home, or even ask for help, should they wander off.

    But new state-of-the-art technology could help speed the recovery of such persons – if it is proactively deployed before the person wanders off.

    The Shomrim have embarked on “Project Lifesaver” – an effort to convince families to equip their vulnerable elderly or younger Downs’ or autistic patients with a tracking device, worn like a standard watch, which send out a radio signal that the patrol can home in on. The results have been stunning.

    The Shomrim urge every family that has an Alzheimer’s patient or a patient with any other of the medical conditions that could leave them lost and disoriented, to get in touch with the patrol NOW – before potential tragedy strikes.

    To find out about “Project Lifesaver”, thus safeguarding the patient – and their own peace of mind. Please contact the Shomrim at 718-535-9027. [VIN]

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    1. it doesnt work!!! the device is only designed to work in a NON-CITY environment. it’s signal does NOT penetrate the buildings in NY and it is mostly inefective (except maybe in short range). how do I know?? I researched it for my own family.

      While Shomrim is the greatest, this is an area they need to perfect before it gets advertised. Is there a shomrim person out there who has proven it’s long range effectiveness?? Please speak up and convince the community otherwise, the technology may have been improved.

    2. 9:13 AM while that may be true it is stil better to have something rather then nothing, i dont think this program is meant to let the effected people on the loose its meant that if they do get lost they have a better and faster chance to be recovered quickly, otherwise you may say why should we even look for them my eyes only work as far as down the block, you got to do what you got to do and this program helps too.

    3. Before you go on a rant, have you researched if the shomrim have had success? Personally, my family have used it, and my father was found on 5 occasions.

      Yes the technology does not work the same way as in a rural area, but it does work!!!

    4. so why is it that each time somebody got lost here in the city they found them in less than a half hour i guess you should do more research before you knock something that might help save a life

    5. Why not GPS?
      GPS devices need more battery power, are bulkier, and fail more often. This device has a battery that lasts about 2 months, is inexpensive, and can be worn as a watch. The GPS locators need to be charged daily.

    6. well 9:13 am before you bought a cell phone did you ask or know were it would work inside buildings? well we all try it sometime it works when you need it
      and sometime it dosen’t work we all have to take a chance good luck
      and a happy new year


      You are full of baloney. if you anything about this system (which obviously you dont) the battery lasts a MAX of 45 days and MUST be changed every 30 days to avoid failure. you say your family member was found 5 times???

      why is there not better supervision for your family member?? 5 TIMES??? MY GOODNESS!!! and then you waste the resources of an ALL VOLUNTEER ORG like Shomrim?? do they owe you anything?? this is outright negligence and abuse!!! you are guilty!!! you rely on a “system” and not on a live person???

      My suggestion to you: if you’re not just making up your story, then PLEASE minimally provide better supervision for your loved one so that he/she doesnt get lost a sixth time.

    8. As a Shomrim member I could say the system does work and does make it easier for us to find a lost person.

      I’m not going to go into details how it works and what we do, all I can say is that the system does work and we used it a few times and it helped big time.

    9. Anonymous said…
      Because the bracelet goes off everytime the indidual leaves his house, I don’t think that will work…
      You obviouisly are clueless to the anklet bracelets that are used by the justice dept.
      They are totally programable . So to say that they ring everytime you go out of your home is ludicrous.
      If you program it the way you are suppose to it will only do what you ask it to do . Its a computer for god .
      If shomrims was so much better them the justice dept gps than why doent the Govnt come running to shmrim to buy the right for the thier GPS.


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