Israel – U.S. Universities Wants More Israeli Studnets.


    Israel – The US Embassy in Israel and the United States-Israel Educational Foundation (the Fulbright Foundation) have launched a campaign aimed at doubling the number of Israeli students attending colleges or universities in the US.

    US Ambassador to Israel Richard Jones said that the 3,500 Israelis currently studying in the US are popular with American institutions due to their notable learning skills, mental maturity and high level English.

    According to estimates, there are currently several hundred Israelis who enjoy full-scholarship studies in the US.

    Ambassador Jones said he was particularly proud of the fact that a number of senior Israeli politicians are graduates of American universities, including Education Minister Yuli Tamir, Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann and former Supreme Court President Aharon Barak. [ynet]

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    1. Perhaps if US Universities backed off from their anti-Semitic, pro-terrosist, um, sorry, pro-Palistinian stance, then Israelis might be more interested in becoming students.


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