London – Banker Boss Forced to Resign Over Tasteless Muslim Joke


    London – An executive at British credit provider Barclaycard has left the company after he made a joke to executives that was deemed offensive to Muslims.

    Marc Howells, 42, left his $400,000-a-year position at the credit card company after he made the offending quip while informing senior executives of the company's quarterly figures.

    "The results were like Muslims — some were good, some were Shiite," Howells reportedly said.

    The joke was reported to senior management and he resigned before any disciplinary action could be taken. His departure from the company was labeled a "redundancy under compromise," and he is believed to have received a substantial amount of money from the firm for his exit.

    "We don't comment on individual cases and it is as simple as that," a Barclaycard spokesman said. "We do not have a policy of discriminating against anyone who works for us or who wants to be a client, and Muslims are very much welcome to use our financial services," he said. [Daily Mail]

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    1. And if it were a Muslim making a joke, that’s fine–but no… we can’t poke harmless fun at them. You know why? Because we’re afraid of them. We’re afraid they might decide to attack us.

    2. Typical brit wusses!

      Actually he was probably fired for causing the resemblence of a smirk on those smug brit faces!

      I think I could count on my one hand how many brits I’ve seen with a sense of humor?!!


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