Rockland County, NY – Lawyer Argues Leniency For His Client, Due To Discrimination As A Child.


    Rockland County, NY -A former Goldman Sachs & Co. associate from Rockland County who was part of an international insider-trading ring should be sentenced to no more than 57 months in prison, his lawyer argues in court papers.

    In addition, the lawyer for Eugene Plotkin, 28, is asking the court to give Plotkin credit for the 10 months of home confinement and three months of prison time he served following his April 2006 arrest.

    Plotkin, a native of the former Soviet Union who worked in the fixed-income research division at Goldman, used inside information from several sources, including an analyst at Merrill Lynch, two workers at a Wisconsin printing plant who stole copies of Business Week magazine and a grand juror in New Jersey who passed along information about a probe into Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., prosecutors said.

    Plotkin, identified by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as an Airmont resident, is due to be sentenced Thursday by Judge Richard J. Holwell in U.S. District Court in lower Manhattan on charges of conspiracy and securities fraud for his role in a bizarre set of schemes that sprung from a 2004 meeting in Croatia. Prosecutors said the schemes produced $6.7 million in illegal profits.

    Plotkin’s attorney Edward J.M. Little describes Plotkin as the victim of cruel discrimination as a child because of his Jewish faith and says he was exhausted from his job. [journalnews]

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    1. Have theses sleazy lawyers no shame? This so-called “defense” that he offers as a reason for leniency is a crock.

      It is a brazen insult and a slap in the face to every Holocaust survivor, to every victim of Russian anti-Semitism, to every victim of any other kind of anti-Semitism and for that matter, to every victim, from whatever group, of other kinds of discrimination and racism who DID NOT TURN TO CRIME to greedily enrich himself by breaking the rules that everyone else had to follow!

      And as to his mealy-mouthed excuse that the judge should cut this guy some slack because he was as “exhausted from his job”, well, BOO HOO HOO. I’m “exhausted” from my job too — I am about twice this kid’s age, work far more than 40 hours a week, on top of lots of commuting time, and probably for far, far less money than this young Wall Street investment bank whiz kid is paid — but that doesn’t mean I should get just a little slap on the wrist if I break the law and commit a serious crime such as this one.

      The judge should not only give the defendant whatever the judge thinks is an appropriate punishment, even if it is the max — but he should also throw the lawyer in jail for contempt of court for daring to offer such idiotic excuses as a reason to show leniency. They’re almost as bad as the excuse offered in the old Borscht Belt joke about the kid who kills both of his parents — and then asks the judge to show him mercy because he’s an orphan.


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