Washington, DC – PA Disappointed That President Bush Won’t Visit Arafat’s Tomb


    Washington, DC – President George W. Bush, who is expected to visit the Palestinians, does not intend to lay a wreath at Yasser Arafat's tomb.

    President Bush would not stop by Arafat's newly-built tomb during his visit, a source said. "I'm not aware of any plan to lay a wreath at Arafat's tomb," the source said. "This issue was not raised during preparations for President Bush's tour and I doubt if he would do so."

    In response, a senior PA official said, "Of course we are very disappointed, although we weren't surprised."
    The official also said the PA leadership had decided not to make a big issue out of the visit to Arafat's tomb to avoid creating a crisis with the US. [J-Post]

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    1. so? he snubbed knesset invitation to speak and a couple of other things. he is just trying to look even haned. he is coming to sell everyone on his pali state.

    2. Why should Bush visit Arafat’s tomb? Are they going to exume the towel that he wore over his head? I think the Jerusalem Hyatt provides enough towels.

    3. Anonymous said…
      dont they reme,ber how bush reacted when a reporter informed him of arafat’s death?

      Bush said: “god bless his soul!”

      January 1, 2008 7:11 PM
      Nice guy, W, but he does not appear to be careful enough about engaging his brain before operating his mouth. Remember, this is the man who invaded iraQ instead of iraN, because they had ‘nuculear’ weapons.


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