Brooklyn, NY – Homeowner Settles Over Jet Damage


    Brooklyn, NY – Allstate Insurance Co. has agreed to pay $995,000 to a Brooklyn couple who claimed their house was badly damaged by vibrations caused by an Air France Concorde jet nearly five years ago.

    The couple, initially won a $1.15 million verdict against Allstate last month after a trial in Manhattan’s state Supreme Court. Allstate had filed a notice they would appeal the award.

    The couple sued after Allstate refused to pay for damage to their 12-room concrete and steel house created by vibrations from an Air France Concorde as it took off from John F. Kennedy airport on July 21, 2002.

    The couple said the supersonic jet struggled to gain altitude, flew low over Jamaica Bay, and buzzed the areas near their home where other residents complained about shaking foundations and cracking plaster.

    Following the ear-splitting takeoff, their home began leaking during rainstorms. They said the water seeped through cracks that had opened in concrete blocks they used to build the waterfront house on Jamaica Bay in 1990. [AP]

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    1. Anon. 11:18PM. What about the hassle of moving (for the affected family) or rebuilding the ruined house that was proven to have been caused by sound waves of the Supersonic Concorde?! You are only [enviously] counting the money!


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