Brooklyn Heights, NY – Bomb-Maker Charged with Hate Crimes


    Brooklyn Heights, NY – Police commissioner Ray Kelly and Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes standing behind a table filled with rifles, handguns and homemade pipe bombs, spelled out an array of charges against a 37-year-old man who they said was responsible for a wave of hate crimes targeting synagogues and Jewish residents in his elegant Brooklyn Heights neighborhood.

    They said Ivaylo Ivanov is accused of spray-painting swastikas and spreading fliers reading "Kill All Jews" and "US hates you," in at least 23 locations — buildings, sidewalks and cars — in a flurry of activity last September.

    At a news conference today, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes said Ivanov had been indicted on more than 100 counts of criminal mischief as hate crimes and illegal possession of explosives and weapons, and could face 25 years in prison.

    Hynes, several rabbis and local politicians lavished praise on police for cracking the Ivanov case. The suspect had pretended to be helping police solve the vandalism incidents when, an alert detective noted the "H" in the word "hate" on a flier was written in Cyrillic style — altering his status to that of suspect.

    Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said, "These are very, very difficult cases to investigate."

    He said the unit put 100 detectives on the case from the start and "had the suspect in the cross-hairs" even before the Jan. 20 incident. "They even met his dog, because one of the incidents had occurred in a dog run," Kelly said. [AP]

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    1. Get this. According to a NY POST
      report of the story, this guy is
      Jewish! Can you believe it.

      Maybe, just his father is
      Jewish. Many cases like that, where the father is Jewish, but the child turns out to be a vicious
      anti-semite of the worst kind.

      For example, many years ago, there was a Frank Collins, Y’Sh!, whose father was Jewish. But he was the leader of some neo-nazi group, who marched, with their hate signs and emblems, into a predominately Jewish neighborhood (many Holocaust survivors there)in Skokie, Ill.


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