Flatbush, NY – Ad By Real Estate Developer Features an Arafat Scarf Irks Some Jews.


    Flatbush, NY – Hipsters rocking keffiyehs is so 2006, so it makes sense that the trend would finally find its way to real estate ads. But one observer is not pleased: “When most of us think of Flatbush, Brooklyn, we think of it as a largely Jewish and Caribbean community.

    Recently, the Flatbush Gardens apartments began featuring an ad with five smiling young adults. The ad is probably targeting the hipster class. One of the figures in the photo is wearing a keffiyah as a scarf. Forget about Che Guevara, the Yasser Arafat scarf is the latest in ignorant hipster couture. Terrorism is not cool! Besides, a keffiyah is traditionally worn only by men. Brooklyn is the most Jewish place outside Jerusalem, and for a developer to feature an Arafat scarf in its ads sends the wrong message to the public. I hope this ad appears on your blog. Be sure to forward it to your blogging friends in Brooklyn.” Brooklyn blogging friends: you have been alerted. [CurbedWire]

    Interesting to note, that Flatbush Gardens owners is clipper equity which is led by jewish real estae developer David Bistricer, who made headlines last year in his failed attampt to purchase starett city.

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    1. tell these whiny jews to learn to pick battles and when to just shut the heck up. this silliness is much worse for us than a kid with the scarf in a picture. who cares? jeezm grow up people, we dont owen the world and we have much thicker skin., seriously, how enmbarassing.

    2. Flatbush Gardens is the former Vandeveer Estates on New York Avenue and Foster Avenue where the Flatbush Water Works was many many years ago. Yiddin have not lived in the complex for years and it is almost entirely black. It seems like they’re trying to attract diverse renters. While they ad is a little odd, I don’t find it relevant to Yiddin or offensive.

    3. Have we Jews become stupid or are we presented by silly people? What the heck is going on to us? Is this really what matters? Is this something we ought to make a deal of? I mean, come on, we should be smarter than that.

    4. Anon. 9:46AM Di Bist a Yid oder a Yidene?! C’hob Moyreh az Nisht!!!
      Anyway, everyone is allowed to express their opinion (and should) but this poster’s PREJUDICE and HATE and IGNORANCE are seeping [or creeping]
      through the words.

      p.s.: telltale signs; …tell these whiny jews… …jeezm…
      in addition to the multiple MISS SPELLINGS.

      SCORE: Of 47 words, EIGHT were misspelled or otherwise not punctuated or Capitalized properly!!!

    5. What do you mean, “Brooklyn is the most Jewish place outside of Jerusalem?” Eretz Yisrael has kedushah, not Brooklyn. And most Brooklyn residents are non-Jews.

    6. IDIOTS just because arafat wore a scarf doesnt mean that a billion other people in the world cant. (there are even kaffiyeh tzitzis out there) OFr crying out liyud – arafat also had a goeatee and wore green fatigues. is everyone with a goatee or wearing green fatigues insensitive to jews? GIVE US A BREAK we have REAL problems and REAL issues to deal with…making noise about something so inane makes us look like idiots.

      GET OVER IT!

    7. this is like the yeshivishe chunyuk who yelled at me for wearing a brown suit to shul and yelled at me that supposedly frumme yidden arent allowed to wear brown suits because hitler’s men wore brown.

      what a bunch of idiots.

    8. “this is like the yeshivishe chunyuk who yelled at me for wearing a brown suit to shul and yelled at me that supposedly frumme yidden arent allowed to wear brown suits because hitler’s men wore brown.”

      That’s hilarious… barely any of “Hitler’s men” wore brown. Most of them (SS) wore black, of course.

    9. In reply to Shmendrik: While the SS wore black uniforms, another Nazi group, the SA, wore brown uniforms and were called “brown shirts”.
      BTW, the sight of someone wearing a leather trenchcoat always reminds me of the Gestapo, and I’m just the child of Shoah survivors.


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