Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY +Level One Mobilization at Kibbutz Building+


    Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY – NYPD are calling for a level one mobilization for a large demonstration at 475 Kent Avenue at the Kibbutz Building.

    The demonstration is being called by some of the 200 tenants of the loft building that was evacuated by city agencies last week, due to building violations including an illegal matzoh bakery and combustible grains being stored in the basement.
    They are calling for a "solemn observance of the shutting of a great arts community."

    In a press release they say:
    This is not a protest. It is a witness. Bring cameras. Bring Candles. It is a peaceful demonstration of solidarity and proof that the world is watching the City of New York's attitude towards its creative citizens.

    The doors of the building that had been home to an estimated 150 tenants got padlocked by the city Sunday night.
    City officials say the illegal loft conversion is essentially a “firetrap” but those forced-out call it “home”. [Vin News]

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    1. “creative citizens”???

      Who exactly benefits from their stupid creativity?

      If a building is a hazard to live in they shouldn’t have gone into it in the first place, even if it looks kinda ‘artsy’.

      Oh Vey!


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