Berlin, Germany – Sacked Anti-Semitic Politician Killed in 12,000ft Parachute Plunge


    Berlin, Germany – A former vice-chancellor who was sacked three months ago by his party over offensive anti-Jewish remarks has apparently committed suicide by throwing off his parachute as he jumped 12,000ft from an airplane.

    Jürgen Möllemann's boarded a plane at Marl-Lohmühle near Gelsenkirchen hours after police raided his house in a long-running probe centred on allegations of massive tax fraud.

    Two witnesses told police they saw him ditch his parachute after he jumped from the aircraft holding nine other free-fall enthusiasts.

    Mr Möllemann, 57, who was a keen parachutist from his days in an army paratrooper regiment and had made 500 jumps, died when his body slammed into a cornfield. It is understood his reserve parachute was still attached to him.

    Friends say he knew the clock was ticking: the German parliament only removed his immunity from prosecution, hours before he died.

    Last year Mr Möllemann criticized Israel's policies towards the Palestinians. In addition, prosecutors had been investigating whether he hid party donations that financed a campaign leaflet criticising the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon.

    When news of his death reached the Reichstag in Berlin, the huge flags that flutter on all four corners of the building were lowered to half mast. [scotsman]

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    1. He should have waited another Two Months. But then again, it’s never too soon. [to celebrate his demise]. In today’s Germany, it’s not socially acceptable to be racist or anti-semitic. The population (generally) is aware of the impact [on their society] of bigotry and hate, and where it could lead.

    2. Big dreams, Mr. Big Wheel.

      Anti-Semitism is alive and well in Deutchland.

      A survey only a few years ago found that roughly 3/4 of Germans believe that there are core differences in the values of Jews and Germans (I only wish more yiddin would know the same thing) and that makes it impossible for Jews and Germans to share a country.

      I’ll say one thing for this guy though – That’s the last time he’ll ever jump to a conclusion!

    3. Anon. 8:53AM The survey [that you cite] is One hundred Percent right.
      But we have another, more authoritative survey, the TORAH. [and] I wish more Yidden would be aware of the Latter survey. (i.e. that we’re NOT on the same level in values and culture as das herrenfolk. (YMSH”V). The lack of awareness of THAT difference is at the cause of all our subsequent problems, of the Reform movement and Intermarriage, down to nazism. Even such a TZADDIK and fine GENTLEMAN as MALCOLM X acknowledged as much, in his Autobiography. ). My point was that, one can not advance his political career by being openly [and officially] anti-Semitic.


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