New York – Editorial: Orthodox Jews Affinity For Wrongdoing, Are Anti-Semites.


    New York – Crime in a religious community is always going to be magnified since outsiders expect that its members should be above such things. And there are some darker, even Oedipal forces involved. For many Jews, the Orthodox represent the past, and their stubborn adherence to tradition is a rebuke to those who have abandoned it. Nothing expiates a secular person’s sense of guilt faster than seeing an Orthodox Jew show up on the crime blotter.

    And it’s an American thing. Despite the best efforts of the New Atheists, the most potent charge you can level at believers is not that they are irrational or intolerant, but that they are hypocritical.

    It’s for this reason that a newspaper is more likely to identify the religion of an Orthodox Jew than his non-Orthodox coreligionist. Take The New York Times’ coverage of Martin Tankleff, the Long Island man whose conviction was overturned 17 years after he was imprisoned for the murder of his parents. Everyone in this sad story is Jewish, including a shadowy businessman who called himself the Bagel King of Long Island, but the word “Jewish” barely comes up in the coverage.

    Orthodox Jews also pay the price for their own relative insularity. The more sheltered a community is, the more it’s likely to breed distrust

    Finally, Orthodox visibility implicates all Jews. That doesn’t at all excuse the Orthodox-bashers. There’s a name for those who suggest that Orthodox Jews have, well, an affinity for wrongdoing: They’re called anti-Semites. [newjerseyjewishnews]

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    1. Anon. 7:59PM Have you ever looked in the [proverbial] mirror??!! Is your Tax return sooo… perfect??!!
      There’s a saying, “People in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw stones”. It’s always easier to be “Holier Than Thou”. Or (do you want another goyishe expression) “Here, but for the Grace of G-D Go I”. The New York Times, der Standarten Fuhrer of the liberal (hypocritic) crowd, is always quick to highlight the faults and shortcomings of every decent person who’s Conservative or Religious. (any Religion) while, at the same time excusing and rationalizing the behavior of lowest (moral) class.

    2. Bigwheel you missed the whole point of the article.When a Jew commits a crime it is bad enough.But when an Orthodox Jew,one who is readily identified as such, commits a crime it is also a big chillul hashem also.

    3. Anon. 12:56PM Your point is well taken. But my point was that the POINTERS, such as the first poster and his ilk should look at THEMSELVES in the [proverbial] mirror FIRST, before pointing out the faults of the Orthodox Jews with such zeal, as [if] to give the impression that they are PURE as the driven snow. That doesn’t take away [from us] the need for introspection and avoiding a CHILLUL HASHEM.


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