New York, NY – LA Times: Rudy Giuliani Hints at Dropping Out


    New York, NY – Rudy Giuliani appears to be pondering an end to his long pursuit of the Republican presidential nomination.

    In a meeting in the back of his chartered plane en route to St. Petersburg, Fla., a short while ago, the onetime, longtime GOP front-runner told a small group of reporters, including The Times’ Louise Roug: “The winner of Florida will win the nomination.”

    That’s an unusually categorical statement suggesting that only a total upset for Giuliani, who trails both Mitt Romney and John McCain in all major polls for Florida’s Republican primary tomorrow, will keep him in the competition, despite previous repeated vows to continue.

    Giuliani’s campaign, which led in national polls when it began and stayed there for many months, is showing signs of serious financial fatigue. This month his top staffers are foregoing their paychecks so the maximum amount of money can be invested to salvage his political fortunes in the Sunshine State, which was where Giuliani’s late-state strategy was to kick into high gear.

    So far, he’s yet to finish first anywhere and ended up behind Rep. Ron Paul in Iowa and Nevada.

    In his meeting with reporters today, Giuliani added that, no matter what happens Tuesday, he definitely would participate in the Republican debate co-sponsored by The Times on Wednesday at the Reagan Library. [La Times Blog]

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    1. the real trouble is how in the world can the republican party and all of its supporters, financial and otehrwise simply stand by and tolerate the gross anti israel candidacy of ron paul? how dare they continue to allow him to have a platform and be a viable cnadidate who keeps on beating out former frontrunners time and again?

      is this the same core supporters who just a few years ago blasted the democrats for having al sharpton at the debates?

      a shonda. the republican party has lost its way.

    2. Re: Giuliani–איך נפלו גבורים

      Re: Ron Paul–it’s a free country, antiSemites and run for anything, and be defeated, like Pat Robertson, another GOP wannabe. Or get elected, like Jimmy Carter.

    3. RUDY never said he will quit.
      All he said was that winner of Fl will win nomination.
      I don’t get it. How did he hint that he is dropping out.
      Irresponsible Drudge Headline should not be rehashed by VIN.

    4. I for one am hoping he does well enough to get to Super Tuesday so I could vote for him. I havent decided who I would vote for if he wasnt there.

      Anon 449,
      Why not? Anyone could run. He has more experiance than Billary. He has stood up to muslims yemach sh’mom. He has run a business. Ms Rodham has done nothing of the sort. In fact when she was involved in a law firm, she lost records too! We CANNOT have them in office again.

    5. 1. Drudge is ultra conservative

      2. duh, read the quotes from his people. if he sys the winner of florida will win the nomination, he has almost no chance of winning flordia, ie that means he wont be the nominee and will drop out way before the convention.

      3. Rudy as a viable candidate for president of the unted states has been a sick joke from day one. it doesnt matter if you are republican or democrat, conservative or liberal or libertarian or green.
      giuliani is grossly unqualified to be president and is nothing but a pandering big talker. why in the world the frumme velt got so caught up in the rudy euphoriah is beyond understanding and doesnt make us loo too bright.

    6. “He has more experiance than Billary.”

      – Patently False,

      “He has stood up to muslims yemach sh’mom.”

      – He pandered to his jewish new york base

      ” He has run a business.”

      – Which company was that?

      Hillary has stood up to muslims when it has counted, mind you. and i daresay has alot more experience than rudey

    7. Anon 554,

      I guess u dont remember her kissing mrs arafat ???????!!
      Wake up! Libs think if you talk to them they will like you. They wont. They understand being obliterated.

      What experiance does hillary have?
      What has hillary done good?
      She has been in the Senate for how many years and what has she acomplished?? A BIG FAT ZERO!

    8. Rudy was an overzealous Federal prosecuter, a divisive vengeful mayor and an unfaithful husband. There is no way be ever could have made it to the White House.

    9. Whatever Ron Paul’s private feelings about Israel and Jews (which he is very carefully not revealing, ober es shmekt fun im), his actual policy is pro-Israel. He wants to stop giving anybody money – that means Egypt gets nothing, the “Palestinians” get nothing, Jordan and Lebanon get nothing. And he wants to stop giving Israel opinions as well. He wants Israel to be free to do whatever it feels is necessary for its security, regardless of anyone else’s opinion.

      How many thousands of yidden have died because the American money came tied to American opinions? Even the arms lift in the Yom Kippur War, which was absolutely necessary, came at the price of Golda Meir promising not to strike first, and as a result hundreds of soldiers HYD died and the state itself was only saved with nissim. In the long term Israel is better off without the money and without the opinions, even if the president is privately an antisemite (and we’ve had plenty of those already).

    10. UH, Milhouse, i dont know where you get your information from, but the psycho actually said that israel and the mossad were behind the 1993 boming of the world trade center.
      have you taken alook at any of the votes in congress affecting israel or middle east issues the last few years ? usually in matters of support for israel they are usually unainmous in support of israel except for two nays: Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul.

      His personal and political feelings about israel are indeed very much out there. the republican party lets him be part of their forum without objection because it helps make the other guys look good.

      its despicable. al sharpton wasnt nearly as viable or as supported as ron paul, who is a ture meshuginnah.

    11. talk show host michael savage who never lost a perdiction said a few months ago that giuliani will not win florida because he is not popular on the other side of the hudson. he perdicted today that romney win the florida primary. but i hope that john mccain wins because i want to see how rush limbaugh will react. it was very funny listening to him after mccain won south carolina the man with the biggest ego was out of words and in real pain. he should have taken pain killers…

    12. The real question is everyone tells us to vote and i am all for it dont get me wrong…. but no one and i mean NO ONE this includes Simcha felder, OU, Agudah, and of course the KOL KOREH (thats been going around), etc… told us WHOM to vote??????? it is really scary because no matter what ppl think all these candidates running no matter if you think they are pro-israel or c”v anti-israel (and jews) its all irrelevant because look at our MR. BUSH who is the closest friend we jews had in office as president and he himself is really no “friend” if u see that he can agree with this 2 state policy in israel…. but bottom line is i really hope RUDY wins in florida because then i will not vote because there is no one out there that is even worth it. So if ppl can shed some light for whom the yidden should vote please dont be shy help us out if it is so important to vote. and ENOUGH with all the talk well just go out and vote well for the umpteenth time WHO SHOULD WE VOTE FOR

    13. Scared yid,

      1. You are a free thinking individual with a brain of your own. you can choose for yourself and decide who to vote for becuase thats your right and your duty.

      2. none is allowed to tell you who to vote for and that of course includes rabbis and religious leaders. WHY? for two very important reasons. Firstly clergy opinons are still just that, their own personal opinions which people might perceive as word of g-d, divine knowlege or halacha.
      Second and more importantly, all synagogues and jewish organizations including those you mentioned are non-profit religious organizations with tax exempt status, which precludes leaders from preaching politics. If they did, they would be in violation of that status.

      and if you want my personal opinon, Rudy is the last person and frum jews should consider, he is a morally and ethically corrupt individual.

    14. REB YID, why not then be so generous when the republican jewish coalitino beat up the democratic party because shaprton was a candidate last time – much smaller less supported candidate than mamzer RON PAUL???

    15. anon; 12:45

      Firstly i appreciate the time to respond to my concern. Secondly, to your first approach with regards to my free thinking and how it is my own right and decision, and my duty to vote, you obviously missed my whole concern….. that was exactly my point i know its my right and decision and my duty to vote but who to vote was my problem i never mentioned that i was having an issue with the country of giving me the right to vote. Thirdly, i read your second response which made a little more sense if they are not allowed to whom i should specifically vote for the least they can do is put the cards on the table and explain on each candidate their pros and cons…. because at the end of the day they are our leaders to whom we go to for advice and its their achraious to lead the klal because even though we each vote individually but we are part of a klal as one nation… and stam to go vote because it is important and its our duty is pointless and worthless and a waste of time because if you vote for the wrong candidate its better not to vote…


      and if its not allowed to non-profit organizations to voice their opinions then atleast do it on this site or any other jewish site.

      hashem should help that the right candidate should lead us to the next presidency

    16. Scared yid:

      I have to admit that you are voicing an important issue at hand. There should be ppl advising and leading us in the direction as to whom to vote. If rudy doesnt win in florida and he is out then nebach the yiden are even more tzihakte tzurus… I am not saying that Rudy is a malach he has plenty of flaws and morally he isnt the greatest but for the yiden all around he the best choice he definitely has the most and best experience against terrorism and if ur going to say well there are many many other issues at stake you might be right but if god forbid there should be another attack who would you rather have Bilary or bobama I DONT THINK SO and right now this is the most important thing you should be concerned is you life and if youre not safe then what is there else of course dont get me wrong torah, umaasim tovim is the way but we still are in golus and if he is the right shliach then thats what we go to have so go RUDY RUDY RUDY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Scared Yid, Rudy Giuliani is a dirty immoral man and should not be supported by frumme yidden.

      Choose among Romney, McCain, Huckabee, Clinton Edwards and Obama.

      All are decent human beings with decent records.

    18. not scared yid:

      you seem to be missing the point that scared yid has voiced. He wasnt asking for whom not to vote i think you made it more confusing he was asking WHOM TO VOTE read again not between the lines READ THE LINES and i wouldnt say obama or clinton are better. clinton has her issues with hugging the murderer hands full of blood ARAFAT]S wife so she is definitely no moral candidate and her husband please it has something to affect her as well.. and obama goes to a Timah where the pastor is an anti-semite and who is friends with anti-semite sharpton so scared yid i hope we arent scaring u any further but clinton and obama please dont vote if your a frumme yid even though some crack heads from lakewood had to endorse billary thats because they have to kiss up to some1 they think will win so they can get some connections which is corrupt on itself so i agree with RUDY is still the best candidate for us yidden and all ur floridiand who still didnt vote and are seeing this PLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR RUDY because if not i am afraid us new yorkers wont be voting on super tuesday

    19. helping out:

      She has done teshuva and more than made up for it, she has an impeccable record of service to israel anf the jewish concerns. i havent made up my mind yet, but she and mccain are exceptionally superior on israel than all the others.

      that being said, kissing gesture as first lady does not reflect personal feelings or records of sergice. do we hold it against rice every darn time she hugs and kisses the mudering thug abbas? do we hold it against pres bush everytime he holds hands and kisses that saudi prince? did we hold it against clinton’s opponent in 2000 lazio cuz he hugged and kissed yassir arafat himself?

      we are being intellectually dishonest if we dont look past these rashei prakim and get down to records of actual substance. one thing is certain that israel is non issue and would continue to receive the support of the united states under any of the candidates (Except for psychotic Republican Ron Paul)


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