New York, NY – Shalom Organization Accused of Illegal Evictions


    New york, NY – Tenants of the Shalom Organization on Thursday protested their landlord’s allegedly abusive and vicious behavior.

    During a rally on the Upper West Side, the tenants called on the Manhattan District Attorney’s office to prosecute.

    The protest was in front of 244 West 72nd Street. One of that building’s tenants said management threw away all his possessions and planned to euthanized his four cats. This, he said, happened one week before he was set to move out.

    The tenant also said he paid his rent. The Shalom Organization owns 130 buildings across New York City.

    The Shalom family, are Iranias a.k.a. Ohebshalom, which includes Jon Shalom, Ben Shalom, Fred Ohebshalom, David Ohebshalom, Nader Ohebshalom and others

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