Brooklyn, NY – Chesed Shel Emes Annual Siyum‏.


    Brooklyn, NY
    Thursday night erev rosh chodesh adar was the annual siyum mishnayos of Chesed Shel Emes. This Siyum mishnayos is being done every year leilui nishmas (in memory of) all the meiswi mitzva that were buried by chesed shel emes in the past year, which stands to date at 165 since tishrei of 5768.

    The siyum was attented by the hundreds of chesed shel emes volunteers from williamsburg, boro park, flatbush, crown heights, staten island, five towns, monsey, and monroe and so on… as well as the the Kosover Rebbe, Spinka Rebbe, Hivnover Rav, Satmar Rav – 15th Av., Viznitzer Dayan, as well as community leaders Rabbi Edgar Gluck and Rabbi Bernard Freilich, and the Flatbush CSE coordinator Jack Rothenberg.

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