Borough Park, NY – Dov Hikind: “I’m Guilty For Not Living In Israel”


    Borough Park, NY – Ask me anything you want,” Dov Hikind announces breezily, taking a seat as though preparing to be grilled in a lengthy interview by a reporter of The Jerusalem Post.

    We are in the lobby of Jerusalem’s Renaissance Hotel, where the New York state assemblyman is staying, following a three-day stint in Sderot. There he celebrated Purim with the town’s besieged residents, for whom he had raised $50,000 through his weekly radio show, broadcast Saturday nights on WMCA.

    We distributed shalah manos [gift baskets] to each of the 6,000 families and paid for a party – attended by 1,000 people – with music and clowns,” says Hikind, pride laced with sadness. “And they smiled.”

    Hikind, 57, says he was “emotionally and mentally affected” by what he experienced in the Kassam-bombarded area.

    “I would urge every Israeli in the country to go there,” he emphasizes. “Not just to shop [as a way of expressing solidarity by helping the local economy], but to spend time talking to people and getting a feel for what they’re going through.”
    As to his connections to the fact that Hikind was once a follower of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane.

    Hikind laughs when questioned about this connection, shaking his head at the way this particular detail of his life keeps coming back if not to bite him then to be magnified out of proportion.

    “I was involved with Kahane over 40 years ago, when he was in New York fighting anti-Semitism, advocating for Soviet Jewry and helping the Jewish poor who no one knew existed,” he explains, adding, “I’m proud of every single moment, let me make that very clear. Rabbi Kahane had a great influence on me. I was attending yeshiva. No one had ever spoken to me before about my responsibility to other Jews by actually doing something, not just theorizing about it.” However, insists Hikind, “When Kahane came to Israel and started calling Arabs cockroaches and things like that, I thought it was wrong on his part – and I said so.”

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    1. Although nice what Hikind does for our brothers in Sderot. HE WAS HOWEVER ELECTED HERE INBROOKLYN NY, WHERE HE DOES DIDDDDDALLY SQUAT for his constituants here. Isreal is great, and we need to help them but he needs to do his job here that he was elected and paid to o!!

    2. Dov you are terrific and do not move to Israel, since your LOUD and VIBRANT voice is needed in America to keep us all focused on the holyland -our heritage.

    3. There’s nothing to be defensive [or ashamed] about agreeing with Rabbi Meir Kahane HY”D. His heart was burning with Ahavas Yisroel, and he felt the pain of every Jew! His tactics might sometimes have appeared to be on the extreme side, but were always motivated by his desire to help other Yidden, everywhere! He had “the courage of his Convictions”. (mit alle meforshim) He was arrested numerous times. Never for something he did for personal gain!
      He was murdered by that low-life arab murderer, whose defense attorney was [as always], ron kuby, who has a “tradition” of defending every anti-american terrorist and criminal, even though they spit in his Jewish??? face!

    4. anon 553pm before u complain about dov not doing anything for our community y not check his records and local issues he’s involved with
      i can list just a few though im not even a voting constituent1)gidoen bush 2)child abuse in our community 3)ticketing blitz in bp 4)cholov yisroel sour milk etc etc
      just tune into his motze shabbos show youll hear all the issues that dov is involved in
      ps you seem to forget that simcha felder was dovs chief of staff and many issues are worked on together
      besides israel does play a large part in ourlives (or should lo saamod al dam rayacho is a mitzva doraysa)and if dov is involved and is representing u in israel thank him dont catigate him for it!


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