New Brunswick, NJ – Man Killed by Amtrak Train Near Station


    Misaskim Working To Clean Up The PaltformNew Brunswick, NJ – Misaskim is responding to a man who died yesterday after he was seen walking off a Middlesex County train platform into the path of an oncoming Amtrak train.

    The man walked off the platform of the station at Easton Ave­nue and Route 27 about 1:55 p.m..
    An investigation temporarily disrupted all passenger service along the Northeast Corridor be­tween Trenton and Metro Park, according to The Amtrak train came from New York.

    U/D: 05/06/04. 08:25. PM
    Chesed Shel Emes is picking up tonight the body from the M.E.’s office, doing the Tahara and will be flown tomorrow morning to Los Angeles, CA.

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