Brooklyn, NY – Tuition Crisis At Yeshivas, Top Agenda At Tonight’s Dinner.


    New York – Parents who send their children to private schools are facing a “tuition crisis,” as the swelling costs of education combined with rising food and housing prices are bringing families to a breaking point, a group of Jewish leaders will warn at a dinner tonight.

    the president of Yeshiva University, and a leader of the Orthodox Union is meant to build a case to lawmakers and those seeking elected office that support for an education tax credit — something reviled by the powerful teachers union as a hit to public school funding — is actually crucial to winning elections.

    Organizers of the dinner stress that 500,000 children in New York State attend private schools, saving public schools, and taxpayers, more than $7 billion a year.

    They paint a dire picture of the stress those families now face as they try to shoulder the cost of education on their own.

    At Jewish day schools, tuition has risen by 50% since 2001, the executive vice president of the Sephardic Community Federation, David Greenfield, said.

    Mr. Greenfield cited the tuition at two large Brooklyn high schools: At a high-end school, a year of ninth grade now costs $23,000, up from $15,300 in 2001; a low-end school’s tuition for ninth grade is $12,000, up from $6,000 in 2001.

    Coupled with housing costs that have tripled in many observant Jewish neighborhoods in recent years, he said, the tuition costs are a tremendous burden.

    Tonight’s dinner is a fund-raiser for a coalition of private schools, TEACH NYS, which has been pushing for tax breaks for private school families. It will feature the executive vice president of the Orthodox Union, Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, moderated by the president of Yeshiva University, Richard Joel.

    Now, TEACH NYS is lobbying for expansion once again. The group wants to target tax credits more specifically at private school tuition-payers, and to address the needs of middle-class families as well as poor ones. The credits would be capped at an income level of about $115,000, and parents who send their children to public schools but pay for outside educational services such as test prep and tutoring would also be eligible, Mr. Tobman said.

    Mr. Greenfield, a candidate for City Council running for the seat that will be evacuated by Council Member Simcha Felder of Brooklyn, said he is making the tuition problem his campaign’s no. 1 issue.

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    1. Tuition tax credits would be a state legislative initiative not something that can be done at the city level. It seems that this candidates is making his # 1 issue something he can not do in city council. Is it his lack of experience?

    2. “Stam a Yid” – No reason to be so negative.

      Baruch Hashem there is an organization that does this work. With the increase of prices all over, the Yidden help the City save money by sending our children to Yeshivos – maybe now the City and State can give us our fair share. Its a Rachmonos that the Teachers Union and Shelly Siver are against this tax credit. Kudos to Rabbi Weinreb and David Greenfield who are working hard on this important issue !

    3. I have Hakoras Hatov to David Greenfield for the fine work that he is doing on this important issue. I hope that I can be part of his winning campaign and replace one Mentsch with another. Keep up the great work David.

    4. Parents love to complain about tuition and do nothing about it.

      Ask parents to call their elected officicals and they always give the excuse that it’s to hard or nothing will change anyway…..

      Ask these people who complain and never try to do something about it -if they vote and you will notice that 99% of them do not vote either.

      The attitude has to change. Voting is a powerful tool and you will notice that Hillary Clinton does not run to Flatbush or Boro park but to the the other jewish cities that VOTE VOTE VOTE.

      Politicians are not stupid and they know who votes and who does not. The do not alwyas look who votes for them but they look at communities that go out and VOTE.

      If you wonder why we get nothing done in Flatbush , Boro Park and Williamsburgh it’s because people love to complain about every issue but do nothing about it.

      People complain about a simple thing as a pot hole but what some people do is complain or call Simcha Felders office as if he is supposed to put a hard hat on and fix the pot hole himself.

      CALL 311 for pot hole reapairs. It’s simple but people do not like doing simple things. People would rather talk on the cell phone and yap all day long and get a 90.00 ticket but to make a 1 minute call to the city of NEw York is to hard!

      We urge everyone to stop whining about everything and pick up the phone and bombard your local elected officials and DEMAND that you want tuition tax credits and anything else that you feel we need while your at it!

      If you want action do your part and if you want “CHANGE” call Obama.

    5. It’s gevaldik that we have askanim in our community dedicated to this cause. By the way (to comment # 1) you’re the one lacking in experience. Everybody knows that the city pays for half of all education expenses. Tizku L’Mitzvas R’ Greenfield!

    6. I did not mean to be so negative. I am all for tuition tax credits. I just disagree whether it is something that is practical for the city level. Ask Mr. Greenfield I am sure he will agree with me.

    7. I am also bothered by the Agudah not being invited to participate in this dinner. Apparently they were not invited because they are backing Joe Lazar (the better candidate) for city council.

    8. Miami has a person that is supposed to be doing the same as David Greenfield. and is paid by Agudath Israel of Florida

      Tuition for Yeshiva and Mesivta in Miami has hit $18,500.00 per pay tution for our FIVE children B’H it has become almost impossible to live.

      We have to eat macaroni (without cheese)or rice every night.On Shabbos we treat ourselves to a 8.50 roll of gefilte fish, a 2.49 a pound delivered to FL chicken and a 11.00 a pound (tiny)peice of flanken for chulent.

      Our children wear hand- me down clothing.I drive Drive a 7 year old car plus One Van (80.00 in gas)to do car pool five days a week because we do not have subsidized bus service.

      We cannot go away for the summer. We do not take any vacation or time away from home other than local parks.

      with a $175,000.00 a year salary a Goiy can live like a King!! a Yid is a second class shlepper.

      Baruch Sheloy Usani Goiy!!!!

    9. comment # 1

      i dont care who attends as long as there will be a tax credit on the tuition thats all we should care!!! it is really out of control why on earth is a 3 year old attending nursery costs close to 5,000 dollars yes you read it correctly???????? are they giving them steaks for lunch or sending them with limosines to yeshiva i dont get it??????????

    10. Let’s be a little realistic. If tuituin costs an average of $12,000 and parents receive tax credits, the school will raise tuition to obtain more money. Ofcourse, it will all be justified by saying, the past 20 years teachers did not receive raises, or other things are outdated.

      SO if you think this will benefit people, you are in for a surpise!

    11. In Miami Tution is now $18,000.00 per child

      because only 25% of the parents pay full or any tuition. It is destroying our quality of life.

      70% of my salary goes to pay for chinuch…..and the yeshivos still cannot pay the Kleiy Kodesh.

    12. “Stam a Yid” –

      It’s very sad what you are doing. This news article isn’t about the Greenfield v. Lazar Council race. It’s about saving money for Yeshiva parents.

      It’s very unfortunate that there are people like you who seek to spread rechilus and lashon hara at any oppurtunity. I am undecided in the race, and I sincerely hope that Joe Lazar doesn’t have you on his staff because we need a mentsch to be our next councilman, and you certainly don’t appear to be one.

    13. This is a bogus issue. Why should the goverment be forced to susidize private education? You have a choice on enrolling your chilrren in public school. If you have relegious or other reasons that prevent you from doing so then you should pay for it. Once the goverment starts funding private schools (vouchers) then you can bet that all the muslim children will also switch from public schools to “midrasas” where they will be tought in the ways of jihad. Be careful what you wish for!

    14. Many Agudah board members (like myself) support TEACH NYS and will be there tonight. Agudah has a strict policy of not joining “umbrella” groups and that’s why they’re not a part of TEACH NYS. As for the political race. Agudah has a strict policy of NOT endorsing candidates. Both Greenfield & Lazar are good people who have done work on behalf of the community. Agudah doesn’t support or oppose either one. In the end of the day it’s not for us to decide. The Eibershter firt the velt.

    15. The parents should vote on the school’s budget, just like we do in the public school system (at least where I live). That way, the yeshivos won’t be able to raise tuition or spending without approval. And when the tuition tax credits are finally approved, they won’t be able to up their spending by an equivalent amount.

    16. To Miami Yid

      Your children are being educated by “Klei Kodesh” that you say are not getting paid and your complaining about your quality of life?

      Rabbonim and Klei Kodesh in Miami are mesiras nefesh to live in Florida and educate children they are not living in luxury on Miami Beach or Boca in million dollar houses. Think of thier quality of life issues so that your children can receive a Jewish education in Florida.

    17. TO MAX DOUBT:

      I was not complaining only about my quality of life……but also the quality of life of our local mechanchim and Kolel Avreichim in SOuth Florida that go home without a pay check at the end of the week, despite the fact that we pay 18k a year tuition and give and give and give.

    18. Schools should look for ways to SAVE money by reducing their own way of doing things.

      Most yeshivos and schools waste money.

      I found just one particular way for my yeshivah to save 15,000 and when I brought this to the attention of my school they said, ” it’s only 15,000 and it’s a good idea but it won’t make a dent.”

      This type of attitude is whats wrong with SOME administrators. I am wondering if it was their own 15,000 that they could save if they would have the same attitude.

    19. While I agree it would be a great idea to get funding for our tuition, Anonymous 11:33 happens to be right. Don’t think for a minute your tuition costs will go down for long if it ever happens.

    20. All parents should register their children at their local public schools, then the gov’t would see how much it would cost to educate all these new students.

    21. TO Miami Yid & Max Doubt:

      If you are so concerned and upset about chinuch for your children why do you live in a tumehdikah city like Miami Beach in the first place? I have never seen more strife, machloikes, loshon horah in one kleineh shdudt like in the community of Miami Beach.

    22. Capping the credit at 115 is ridulous. W/o any deductions 115k brings home roughly 80k if you are lucky. With tuition at 15k per student and an average of 4-5 tuitions per huosehold what is left for food?

    23. How does a peice about tuition become

      a Beach Bashers party?

      I happen to daven at that little shtieble and I am very involved. It is the most popular place to daven on Miami Beach

    24. If all the parents that send their children to yeshivas would suddenly decide to enroll them instead into public school, the board of ed would be forced to pay our toution. Just think about it.

    25. I am another Floridian resident and am extremely proud living here. As a matter of fact I’m a Chasidishe woman who moved from NY where there’s constant machloikes, loshon horah, rudeness, etc.

      People over here are wonderful. No rudeness, etc.

    26. all the jewish schools boy`s and girl`s should get together and send all the kids to public schools for one day

      you`ll see the city will give us all the money we need to keep our kids in the chaders, yeshivas and schools

      they dont have the room for our children


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