Crown Heights, NY – Person Of Interest Sought In Crown Heights Attack By Crime Patrol Unit


    Crown Heights, NY – Cops want to question a 25-year-old man in connection with last month’s beating of an unarmed black man by two Jewish attackers in Crown Heights.

    Police released a photo of Yitzhak Shuchat today, calling him a “person of interest” in the high profile assault.

    Police say Andrew Charles, a 20-year-old college student and the son of a police officer, was attacked April 14 on Carroll St. between Kingston and Albany Aves.

    Charles, a college sophomore, was walking along the street when a white attacker on a bicycle sprayed him with Mace, police said.

    A GMC Envoy then pulled up. A second man emerged from the vehicle and smashed Charles in the back and arm with a nightstick, police said. An adviser to the Charles family said both attackers were wearing yarmulkes.

    Community members told the Daily News that the driver of the vehicle was a member of a neighborhood crime patrol.

    Investigators have pulled the organization’s rosters as part of the ongoing probe.

    The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office also has sat a grand jury to investigate the attack. The probe has been slowed by a lack of cooperation among witnesses. No arrests have been made.

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    1. so are they just going to go one by one every person in crown heights and question them and consider each person a “person of interest” they should do equally the same for the blacks no discriminating if you do this procedure for the jews do the same for the blacks we have rights too

    2. these cops are a buntch of anti semites including charles nut hynes let me see you investigate the blacks which have done much worse & many more times then this one story that a black criminal got sprayed with mace good for him the only reason there’s such a crazy story is cause his father is a BLACK COP where I could asure you he was probly a criminal himself so the detectives offered him a plea to become one of theirs, go home BAD GUYS from NYPD

    3. What about the kids in that bus? What about that 16 year old boy that is still in the hospital and getting worse!! Hynes has massive chutzpah to release that story today.

      Crown Heights will be his undoing, I promise you, if he continues to harass us and not protect us from the violent criminals attacking us this will be his last term.

    4. this should be a good lesson. at the end of the day a vaiseh goy will align with a shvartze iber a yid.

      we only have each other. the answer is achdus bain kol yisoel.

    5. Anonymous Says:

      Shuchat is totaly innocent, he had nothing to do with it, why is the NYPD catching the wrong people.

      05-16-2008 – 3:49 PM


      How can u say for certain that shuchat was no there? Were u at the scene yourself to know that he was not there.? i know i wasnt there so ui cant say anything but were you there? if you were then im sure you saw who was there .

    6. If this guy had any brains he would turn himself in. If the police get him first rest assured they will do a “walk through” the media and it is totally embarassing and even if he is innocent he will never be the same.

      (Also will never get a decent job.)

    7. NYPD is just looking for an easy target.Yitzy Shuchat is 100% innocent.I think its time the Jewish people in Crown Heights walk around with guns.If the Police do not care about you then protect yourselves.

    8. These bochurim who beat the shvartze should be punished just a severely as we want them to punish the shvartzes who beat us. Forget about race or religion. Criminals deserve to be punished. Period.

    9. Oh Please! 6:14, you try living here with these animals! I don’t know this young man, but IF he attacked, I’d bet he was provoked. BTW, do you even care that a 16 year old Bochur was viciously attacked last night, left unconscious in the street, & is in the hospital? Or are you too concerned about the poor widdy bitty shvartze who got hurted wiv the pepper spray? Sob Sob

    10. FACT: in the case were the shvartze was beaten. the shvartze threw rocks at the SUV first and when the jews got out of the car the shvartze started rufing up the jew! but the jews canot stick up for them selfs here since they will be held! and in this case the shvartzes wont give up and admit this!

    11. anonymous 5:22, only with a lawyer… they’ll beat him abner louima style.

      Says 4:56,

      My younger brother aged 18 was walking to work last summer in CH.. shmira had apprehended a black punk and he claims he was roughed up.. pointed at my brother as the perp.

      I will tell you this, the kid was arrested, cuffed, brought to central, booked etc.. and locked up 24 hours.

      A lawyer had to serve a habous corpas… as my parents (who were in ny but dont live there) frantically were going meshuga.

      Lemme tell you this, my brother was kicked out of yeshiva.. my parents have over 5 thousand in legal fee’s.. and the case is STILL dragging on.

      All THEY have is 1 punk’s testimony.. what WE have is alibi’s, cell phone records (yes he was on the phone when he supposedly beat this kid) v’chulu v’chulu… we have a detailed map showing time stamps that its impossible he attacked the guy from when he left home etc..

      Dont suspect other yidden too fast.

      Mismi yid2,

      Yeah no kidding.. my family lives in miami.. where normal yidden (myself included) are armed with concealed weapons permit.. which is simple to get.. assault classifies as justifiable grounds to draw your weapon and fire if the perp does not back down.

      G-d have mercy on the jews of NY! Stop voting liberals like bloomberg! outlawing guns is dumb! every punk has a gun and he dont care that its illegal!

    12. Where is Marty Markowitz our BELOVED Brooklyn Boro President. Where is or friend BLACK ACTIVIST

      Mr. Green?!

      Do you KNOW Yitz Shuchat is 23 NOT 25 years old. Yitz IS A COMMUNITY MINDED CITIZEN ! He was an AUXILARY POLICE OFFICER AT THE 70th PRECIENT (on Utica Ave). He’s an EMT VOLUNTER.

      A few months ago; HE WAS FIRST ON THE SCENE when city bus MTA ran over both legs, of an woman AT CORNER of LEFFERETS & TROY AVENUES! HE APPLIED TOURNIQUETS IN ATTEMPT THAT PROBABLY SAVED WOMANS LIFE, unfortunatly both legs were amputated.

      How come JEWISH MONEY is getting spend for legal representation, IS JEWISH DOLLARS “A BOTTOMLESS PIT” Do we have trees growing dollars instead of leaves in Crown Heights. I hope our fellow Jews in Boro Park, Williamsburg, Flatbush, Marine Park. Mill Basin, AND Monsey And The Five Towns And NYC Lower East Side, West Side NY, LONG ISLAND AND STATEN ISLAND. BUT, BUT NOT ONLY THE 71st PRECIENT, … OVER THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE “CITY HALL”. TIE UP ALL THREE BRIDGES 1) Brooklyn 2) Manhatten 3) Williamsburg. IF NECESSARY FDR DRIVE



    13. This is not helping this tense situation. All involved have no choice but to fess up otherwise see no justice when it comes to attacks on Jews. And what’s with the idea that it’s Shmirah and not Shomrim? If you can’t respect each other, how can anyone respect you!

    14. My fellow yidden, V’lamalshinim al t’hi sikva applies to attackers of goyim also, even more so if their innocent of the crime (i live here and know quite well whats going on), even more so when the victim is a goy, and even more so when the so callled victim threw rocks at Jews… Why is Mesira happening in our community? how did the NYPD get his name? who is assisting Hynes with all these names and places???

      Do i smell Mosrim???


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