Israel – How Israeli Hi-Tech Guru Inspired Google Magic Formula


    Israel – Google co-founder Sergey Brin told fans at a Holon meeting that Israeli Internet entrepreneur Yossi Vardi gave him the idea upon which he and partner Larry Page based the search engine that made his company grow into one of the largest and most influential in the world.

    Speaking at a “Garage Geeks” event, Brin described how Google had decided upon its business model.
    “Yossi invented for us the magic formula,” he said with a smile. “He told us to devote two thirds of the [internet] page to original results, and a third to advertisements, and that is what we did.”

    Brin was referring to Google’s innovative method of displaying advertisements with similar wording to the search results. This system is now employed in gmail – the company’s email service.

    Rumors have surfaced in the past that this business model originated with Vardi, but neither Brin nor Page have acknowledged their substance until the meeting.

    Vardi has been involved in the hi-tech world for more than three decades. Among his notable achievements is the creation of world’s first Internet-based instant messaging system ICQ, which was developed by Vardi’s son and partners, with his backing.

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    1. Sergey Brin is certainly Jewish and his wife is (reportedly) also (though their marriage was certainly not k’halachah).

      Larry Page less certain – his mother is Gloria Page who is probably Jewish (according to bnai brith – an organization that wouldn’t necessarily recognize a halachic jew), but I haven’t ever found verification of that.

      I doubt very much that Eric Schmidt is Jewish tho.

      From a friend who used to be a software engineer at Google, there are a few frum yidden working at Google, and about 100 identifiably Jewish employees outside of Israel and many more Israelis. Google calls its employees “googlers” and has many internal groups for employees, e.g. looglers (those who work in legal), nooglers (new employees), Bikeglers (those who cycle to work). The yidden have an internal list called “Jewglers”. The Israelis also have their own internal mailing list 🙂

      Google has two offices in Israel.


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