Puerto Rico – Clinton Wins Democratic Primary


    Puerto Rico – A day after the party dealt a blow to Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes by restoring only half of Michigan’s and Florida’s voting power.

    Polls opened in Puerto Rico today. The US territory will send to the party convention in Denver 55 delegates – more delegates than 28 US states.

    Fox News projects that Hillary Clinton has won the Primary, but Barack Obama crept closer to clinching the Democratic presidential nomination by gaining at least 14 delegates in the Puerto Rico primary.

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    1. Go Hillary! We don’t need Barack “Hussein” Obama to run this country. Lets just face the facts. He is a born muslim, went to school as a muslim, and will always have his muslim faith by his side. Is he really pro Israel? Lets be honest with ourselves. Go HILLARY!

    2. Anonymous @3:45- Uh, do you read the news or just watch Fox? What does it mean to be “pro-Israel”?

      McCain and Hillary would be disasters for Israel. With Obama at least there is a chance at peace and reconciliation on all sides.


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