Crown Heights, NY – International Manhunt Issued For Shmirah Member


    Crown Heights, NY – An arrest warrant has been issued and an international search is on for the man accused in the bias crime beating of a young black man in Crown Heights.

    Sources said Yitzhak Shuchat, 25, a member of the controversial Shmira Civilian Patrol, fled to Canada, and is now believed to be in Israel, after police released his sketch in May in the attack on Andrew Charles, 20. Charles is the son of an NYPD detective.

    Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes compared the group to the Crips and Bloods street gangs.

    Another beating took place a month later in the same neighborhood. In that case, two black teens were arrested for an assault on a Jewish teen.

    Namor Clarke, 17, was indicted for robbing and assaulting 16-year-old Alon Sherman, but no bias crime was alleged, authorities said.

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    1. It is amazing how no one will report that tonight a black teen was shot in Crown Heights near the 71 pct. blocks from where a police officer was killed last summer.

      Yes, instead of focusing on racial tensions in Crown Heights, you should concentrate on the violence and crimes that criminals are perpetrating in Crown Heights. That can easily be avoided if the police can do their job. Arrest the loiterers and the guns and knives will disappear. It worked during the Giuliani administration. It can work now if you will only accept reality that without education there will always be crime. Until then the police need to be able to do their job without fearing retribution from the liberal establishment who mostly live in well educated low crime rate neighborhoods.

      Kelly and Bloomberg have the gall to claim that crime is down in Crown Heights. Police Officers are told to avoid reporting crime where possible.

      Wake up and smell the coffee, don’t blame racial tensions when there is none. Call a spade a spade. IT IS CRIME AND ONLY CRIME that is the issue in Crown Heights. If you are jealous that others are trying to correct this problem then emulate them. By joining their patrol and see first hand how crime is out of hand!

    2. Whats the latest with Andrew Charles. I can offer him a Disney character band-aid, cause there aint no boo boo! Not even a scratch, well maybe? The rock that he used to sling on the Jew boy might of damaged is palm.

      Poor poor Charles, is his father backing him up with this ugly lie, cause if he is, he could loose his job over this for being an accomplice.

    3. Even though we know what VIN/1010WINS means, their obvious grammatical mistakes are still amusing.

      Not for the Shuchat family, though…don’t they have enough Tsur??? I hope whichever lowlives who named this guy are proud of their part in all this. We know the punishment for Meseira.

      Having said that, who says Shuchat did anything at all? It’s his word v. the Mosrim. Don’t tell me the innocent don’t need to run, this is Crown Heights & all Jews are the bad guys.

      Meanwhile, Interpol & every agency is looking for this Bochur but no one’s looking for that abusive Chein/Chin “Rabbi”. It took over 20 years to get Mondorowitz back. You’d think Shuchat was a mass murderer or something. Charlie Hynes just can’t separate fantasy & fiction from reality & is NEVER wrong.

    4. I want to address this mess as follows: 1. It is reckless and border line criminal for politicians, and community leaders to start pointing fingers, and calling out names of community organizations as being involved in the “beating”. THERE IS NO SUCH FACT OR TRUTH TO THOSE STATEMENTS. The police are investigating, they do NOT know who was involved! they are tryiing to find that out. (if the politicians know who the culprits are they should tell the police, if they do not know for a fact who the culprits are, they should NOT be reckless and name a name or point fingers. im sure everyone remembers Mr. Jewel from the atlanta olympic bombing…everyone named him, it was not him, and it destroyed his life!) 2. Why is there such vigor to investigate this matter when the police and the DA have not done so in the past ? over the past year and half, over a dozen jewish men have been viciously attacked, had their arms, skulls fractured, deep gashes, needing stitches! yes, over adozen! an and not one arrest!! the police have been called to every one of these incidents, they have lost reports, refused to investigate, lost collected evidence, handcuffed, and released perps, and to this date NOT ONE ARREST!!! anyone getting beaten on the street is a tragedy, anyone who assults another human being should be punished, but something is very wrong when the police and the DA react totaly different when a jew gets attacked and when a black gets attacked. 3. where is the focus to make an arrest when Mr. Klein was shot dead on the streets of Crown Heights? to this day and it has been two long years, there has not been this kind of intensity by law inforcement to investigate and bring Mr. Klein’s killer to justice! The police were handed a recording of an admission by a black man that will lead to the shooter, yet the police REFUSE to investigate it like they are investigating this!. 4. The Crown Heights Jewish Community residents do not condone violance, all they are asking for is EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL!!! not one sided, or heavy handed to one community. this is happening in Crown Heights, it is been going on for many years now, and unless things change, it will get alot worse. 5. The problem in the Crown Heights Community is as follows: A. Inspector Vega and his staff at the 71st pct. are blatant, anti samites! they do not do their job as i described above, and therefore they must leave, and be brough to justice. B. The DA needs to be fair for both communities, otherwise people will take justice to the streets. (as was alleged in this latest story). C. politicians, and community leaders MUST STOP insighting hate, anger, blame, and feelings of revenge by pounding on podiums and naming names or eluding to put the blame on certain people, or an organization, WITHOUTH HAVING THE FACTS!!!

      D. Gang activity and the youth involved are problem in Crown Heights, its not the homeowners, nor 99% of the ADULTS. the gang activity, must be addressed. 12 jewish men in their 20’s viciously attacked over a period of 3 months getting whacked in the back of the head by a steel pipe or bat is not random! the police not doing a thing about it is just as criminal!!! politicians, and community leaders not getting this gang and assult issues addressed by allocating funds for the police, getting money for neighborhood patrols, and starting workshops for both communities to attend on these issues is careless!! 6. how does the NYPD break into a home at 2:00am without a search warrent of any kind? if there was an “incident” on the streets of Crown Heights, as is alleged, since when does that give the right for the NYPD of the 71st precinct to then go and commit another crime?!!! the NYPD LIED ASBOUT HAVING A WARRENT, they are not allowed to kick in doors and search a home with the residents kick in doors and search a home with the residents ages ranging from child to adult, with their guns and flashlights, cursing, and turning over the contents of the home!!! the black community knows of this injustice all to well. two wrongs do not make a right. THIS IS NOT POLAND IN 1935, THIS IS GASTOPPO TACTICS! Dos anyone see the lawlessness of all this? would this be tolrated in your home? in your community? how do i know all this? i am very involved with the Shmira Patrol and security and crime in Crown Heights. i have proof, and facts to prove everything i have said. The police, the DA, the politicians were all given all the facts and proof i have mentioned above, their lack of providing the service that is asked and expected of them, is the cause of the current situation. if they all continue to disreguard the jewish and the black issues and concerns, then they will have to answer to the mayham that will result of all this, they will have to sleep with the guilt of another criminal act, i say to all the politicians who are not representing Crown Heights, either help us, or stay the **** away, do not use our community for your personal and so selfish gain. i say to the community leaders, blacks and jewish, to wake up, stop fighting, stop ignoring our community, stop giving the same old speech, how you are disgusted with what you see. what you see is a direct cause of your inaction, you dont like what you see, then change what you do! sincerely, a proud resident of Crown Heights, who is disgusted by all the BS

    5. Hitler Yemach Shmom went out of the way to find, and kill the Jews.

      DA Hynes is going out of the way for something that should be the other way around(Charles Rock throwing incident).

      Thank the one from above. MR. Hynes is getting older, otherwise we will be in for the long haul.

    6. Let’s not forget that Ray Kelly was Police Commissioner under Mayor Dinkins, and we all remeber what crime was like then. Giuliani sent him flying and cleaned up the city. Then Kelly was brought back from the dead by Mayor Bloomberg who believes in a much more liberal approach to criminals, but in order to keep the crime low they fudged the numbers.

      The fact is that crime has been going up steadily under Kelly, and now they can’t fudge the numbers anymore, because it is out of control.

      Let’s not forget who Kelly is when he runs for Mayor. I know that many spokesmen for the Jewish Community would like to get their foot in the door by Kelly. Just make sure that it is not at the expense of our safety.

    7. Yes the Little Jewish kids who Andrew Charles thru rocks at them saw it, Thank God the rock missed the kids, they are clear witnesses & victims of a crime, but the NYPD for some reson don’t want to listen to innocent little kids, instead they listened to Andrew Charles, even after the kids showed the Police the rock they still did not listen to the Jewish kids.

    8. The way I see it Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes is certainly no friend of the jews.

      But perhaps he sees the need to come down hard on these vigilantes that take the law inro their own hands because if he doesn’t there may be pogroms in Crown Heights – if the Blacks feel (however wrong they may be) that justice has not been served they will call for blood on the street – what do we do then ?????

      I feel sorry for this Yitzhak Shuchat fellow (the “victim” deserved every bit of the klep he got and more) but you just can’t take the law into your own hands unless you are ready for the consequences. Of course it would be a great help

      if there was no fighting among our own & possible/probable mesira. Where’s Moshiach when we need him so badly ?

    9. I would like to ask Andrew Charles if he is willing to take a polygraph test (lie detector) .

      I say that if it is proven that Andrew Charles was throwing rocks then he should be arrested and the warrant against mr shochat dropped.

    10. Why is mace legal in New York if someone is not allowed to use it? If two blacks were involved in an altercation, there would be knives and guns used , not mace. Charles should be thankful he got into an alleged altercation with a Jew and not a fellow African-American. If he were a real man, instead of a cry-baby son of a cop, he would drop the charges.

    11. He is smart for running; they would have done to him what they did to Pollard. You see what liberalism has done to America- not only don’t they punish criminals, but if someone does the right thing and gives the guy Klep which he deserves, he becomes the bad guy and the real perp becomes the Hero. You chabadskes are too afraid of the shwartzes, if they riot- instead of calling the cops to “protect you”, buy a few trained dogs and rent a few bank armored cars.

      Drive the cars down the block where they are rioting, if they don’t move “oh well”. The few that are still left on the sidewalk, that managed to jump away- take your dogs for a walk. You do this one time- they will never riot again! BTW, it’s not illegal any of things I mentioned, you don’t have to stop your car because someone is standing in the street. And you’re allowed to walk your dog on the sidewalk. And even if you think I’m wrong legally, there won’t be any cops to arrest you anyway- there the first to run when they see the blacks rioting!

    12. Hynes should be fired and disbarred!! using all these resources NYPD, FBI, Interpol, on a hunch that MAYBE Shuchat did this?!?!?! May HKB”H Watch over Shuchat and all yidden!

    13. How do you know that all they have is a hunch? Perhaps, and i can tell your for certain, they have substantive evidence that it was him. Besides, a magistrate does not sign a warrant without substantive evidence. If yes, the warrant is not valid.

    14. i tell this to who ever ask’s me why if he’s inocent does he not give himself in the A is that there is american law and crown heights law as it looks now its the united states of america – ch


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