New York – A Kiddush Hashem? A Chilul Hashem! Lipa In Flammatory Interview: “My Mistake To Cancel BIGEVENT Concert”


    New York City – Lipa Schmeltzer in a combative interview with Menachem Toker. Declares: “If I knew the truth, the Big Event would not have been cancelled. Decision: “I’ll perform at any event that three rabbonim allow.”

    “There are activists who hide the truth from the rabbonim, which leads to a chilul Hashem,” says towering Chasidic singer Lipa Schmeltzer in a unique interview with radio personality Menachem Toker, referring to his major American concert that was canceled at the last minute after pressure from rabbonim and activists.

    Schmeltzer clarifies in the interview, which marked the debut of “Yehudi Pashut,” his new album, that he doesn’t regret the concert’s cancellation or the financial loss that came in its wake. “I made a Kiddush Hashem and I don’t regret it. But if I had known the truth about how things were presented to the gedolei hatorah, I would not have cancelled the concert.”

    Schmeltzer claims he has come to understand how activists work after speaking with several leading rabbonim. “Many gedolei hatorah have told me that people came to them with false information regarding my concert: they said it would have mixed dancing or mixed seating. But they weren’t satisfied with that—they brought photos of women dancing so as to ‘prove’ that that’s what would happen.”

    He sits pensively for a moment, and then throws another flame: “There are many people who have a problem with concerts with guitars in them. You understand this? Guitars. The music of Ger, Boyan, Belz—all their albums have guitars. What do they want? This is this generation’s problem?! Guitars?!”

    But Schmeltzer also has a solution: “I’ll continue performing all over the world. Any place at all. Any time I consult with three rabbonim and they let me, I’ll do it. It doesn’t matter who the rabbonim would be.”

    In the course of the interview, Toker lists several of Schmeltzer’s visits to rabbonim.

    The full replay of the interview will be broadcast this Motzi Shabos in Israel, and will be posted on VIN News soon.

    Menecham Toker told VIN News that Lipa was quite upset in the interview, and had some rage anger against many of the activist.

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