Monsey, NY – Lipa Schmeltzer: Interview With Toker Misunderstand


    Monsey, NY – After VIN News published a report of an interview of leading Chasidic singer Lipa Schmeltzer by Israeli broadcast personality Menachem Toker, Schmeltzer himself contacted us to point out that his remarks to Mr. Toker were taken out of context in the report, and that he wanted to set the record straight for our readership.

    Lipa tells VIN News that what he meant was that he does indeed not regret the cancellation of the Big Event concert, and it was not a mistake to do so.

    He explains that he acted according to the ruling of many rabbonim who came out against the concert—and that following a halachic ruling was not a mistake, and he will always listen to what rabbonim say.

    However, he explains that those rabbonim ruled on faulty, false and biased information—in other words, the information they were given about the concert did not describe the concert and was simply not true, thus leading the rabbonim to pasken on an event that simply was not going to happen in the first place. It is this situation that Schmeltzer regrets, wishing that the rabbonim had been given the facts.

    Everything else reported, including the assertion that three rabbonim’s go-ahead would be enough for any concert for him, was accurate, Schmeltzer tells us.

    Editors note. VIN news will have exclusive the interview with toker right after Shavuat, so you be able to hear.

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