Boisbriand, Quebec Kiryas Tosh – Elderly Woman Killed In Tragic Accident By Fire Truck


    Boisbriand, Quebec Kiryas Tosh – A fire that broke out this afternoon in Kiryas Tosh brought many onlookers and was quickly extinguished, however a 70 year old Jewish woman, who came to Tosh Rabbi from Florida, came to the scene of the fire to see whats going on and tipped on a hose, a fire truck did not see her and she was run over and was rachminoah litzlon killed.

    Chesed Shel Emes working to get her released tonight.

    U/D: 07:00am
    Chesed Shel Emes on there way with the body to Brooklyn, and they will board a flight later today to fly her back down to Florida.

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    1. Hey take it easy. We just stood together at Har

      Sinia together as one nation. Please let us be friends. There are plenty of anti semites around us we are in Galous.

    2. Maybe the women did not congregate maybe she just had to pass the area. Someone died and all you do is find fault with Jewish People?? What is the matter with you do you really hate yourself sooooo much.

    3. Some of you people are sick in the head. Why do some people here constantly blame the victim?

      Imagine if it was YOUR mother and some knuclehead came over to you and told you what an idiot your mother was for tripping or getting to close to the fire. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL WITH SUCH A RESPONSE?

      Do us a favor. If you have something bright to say then wrote it but if you have something dumb to write about someone that just dies then save it for one of your relatives.

      Thank You.

      Goldy Bloomenthaul

    4. Hi everyone, please respect you’re self and that great Lady, Lat say just we care and to bad we couldn’t change that. Please think non of us Jew or not like to kill… Be what ever you are and respect your self in order to live with others.

      יהי זיכרה ברוך

    5. The fire was a block away they streched a line from the pump the truck wasn’t pumping water at the time the truck started driving she got tangled in the line then a piece of metal fell from the truck & nebach split her head in front of her husband & many onlookers may hashem help we shouldn’t hear any tzures anymore & may she rest in peace

    6. To Goldy and all others,

      The comments on safety, I’m sure were not to blame the victim, but that others should learn

      and be careful. There is a reason when there is a fire the FD sometimes block off blocks around the fire- they can’t have cars driving on their hoses, also people can’t step on them-they are full of pressure and move around a lot! Learn from this tragedy and hopefully something like this will never happen again!

    7. Why is everyone so mad here? It’s like the boy that cried wolf….whenever theres a fire or “chaptzem” people tend to hover over the fire or policemen. In this poor case it wasn’t so.

    8. The woman WAS NOT run over by the fire truck.

      She was delt a fatal blow to the head when the fire hose somehow became dislodged from the fire hydrant.

      There is an investigation ongoing right now to find out what went wrong.

      I don’t think this was the fault of an innocent bystander. True, fire hoses can be dangerous, and people shouldn’t get too close.

      But right now, the family is devastated, undertandably, and your energies would probably be better served thinking of her poor husband who has very traumatically lost his life partner.


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