Iowa – Neighbors Of Jewish Vet In Anti-Semitic Remarks: Your To Blame For The Floods


    David Akiva Miller is a disabled Navy veteran and an observant Jew. When he moved to Iowa City and went for care at the Veterans Administration Hospital there, he endured repeated efforts by Protestant chaplains to evangelize him in his hospital bed.Iowa – in flooded Iowa City, neighbors today blamed a disabled Jewish veteran for the rising water. David Akiva Miller, who is fighting the Veterans Administration over aggressive Christian proselytizing during his hospitalization (see our earlier report), was buying groceries on Sunday when an older couple, also shopping, approached him. In an email, Miller wrote that

    The man said something to the lady I couldn’t quite make out, and they turned around and stepped back towards me. The man said to me, “You’re that Jewish fella that’s been stirring up trouble over at the Veterans Hospital, aren’t ya?” (Okay, I’ll admit I kind of stick out in Iowa City with my long beard, kippah and tzit.) I said, “Excuse me?” And he said, “It’s because of folks like you that we got this flood.”

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    1. when i was in iowa city, it was such a midbar there – in 1995 – that even though it was a BIG college town, there was NOT EVEN A CHABAD – there was only some reform temple which I would not step foot in. Shabbos in that hotel room was quite lonely…. I wonder if it is any better now.

      David Akiva Miller should have a refua sheleima bikarov and not have to be in such a place. Let us daven for him.

    2. OR maybe the flood in Iowa is because they arrested all the people who realy are ready to work. So now, guess what there is no one to fill the sandbags.

    3. 6:59 “He can always pick himself up and leave the golus to Israel. ” – not sure what land your living on, but as far as I am aware, people in Israel are also in golus just like us….

    4. Just like Katrina was for Gush Katif, I think these floods plus the 4 boyscouts killed in Iowa tornado 2 weeks ago were retribution for the local authorities unfair treatmnent of the Agri people. We should ask Rubashkins to pray for their local goyim.

    5. During the Spanish Civil War (l936-’39) Two wounded soldiers of the opposing armies (Fascists and Republicans) lay next to each other waiting for treatment! One soldier asks the other; “Who’s to blame for our troubles”??! The Jews, of course! “But there are no Jews living in Spain for the last 500 years”??! “Precisely”! replied the first soldier, “If there were Jews living in our country we could [at least] blame it on them”!!

    6. Ashkenazic yid: What do you daven in Eretz Yisroel??

      What do you bentch in Eretz Yisroel?? Tell me your nusach.

      The last time I was there I did not see a different nushach Hatfilah. Every second word in our tefilos ask to be taken out of golus


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