New York City – 600,000 in City May Qualify for Food Stamps


    New York City – A city initiative to enroll eligible residents into federal food stamp programs has identified about 600,000 New Yorkers who may qualify for government aid, city officials announced yesterday. The city will begin sending information to these people in July, explaining that they may be entitled to receive more benefits than they currently do.

    “The food stamp data match initiative is a simple and cost-effective way to use technology to bring much-needed food support to low-income New Yorkers,” the speaker of the City Council, Christine Quinn, said yesterday in a statement.

    Of the approximately 600,000 New Yorkers targeted under the initiative, 211,801 reside in Brooklyn, representing the highest number in any borough, versus just 21,287 in Staten Island, the lowest of any borough. The program is intended to identify New Yorkers who are enrolled in Medicaid but not in federal food stamp programs, as the criteria for eligibility is similar for both forms of aid.

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    1. Oh please – whoever needs it is already on it – with a significant fraudulent enrolees and illegal aliens – and they want to enroll more people to waste taxpayer money on more fraud

    2. You need to make less than 20,000 a year or something around there.

      Most frum working people make more than 20,000 a year!

      The qulaification is not just about having a large family. My kids are 300 pounds and we get nothing. If I would make them any larger they would need a coffin not food stamps.


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